I hate everything

Fuck poker. I gained 532 today so I was doing well. Then Olive went all in with 202, I folded but if I called I would’ve won. That would have been a lot. Next, I had the biggest straight draw ever. King, Queen, 10, 9, 8, 7. If I got a Jack, I would’ve had a SEVEN CARD STRAIGHT. I played it like I did have it. Went all in. For some reason Aniyah called with a pair of queens. Of course she won all of it. Then, it was plain unluckiness as I lost another 400 to get -400 on the day. I am now in 11th out of 12th, only like 600 above Aniyah. But still only around 3400 behind Erez. One great day, or 2 very good days should pass Erez as long as he makes as little noise as he has been making recently. I still have 4 months to catch 1st. I will get there. I can take being unlucky for only a few more weeks.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day watching a Saudi Arabian WWE PPV live. It was horrendous.


Sports have been bullying me FOR THE LONGEST FUCKING TIME!

In 2011 my girlfriend BROKE UP WITH ME FOR ANOTHER GIRL!


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