Mad Valentine’s Day

I am not going to say Happy Valentine’s Day. I am mad so I am saying Mad Valentines Day. Why am I mad. First of all, I gained 633 in poker today and didn’t move past 10th, although I am quite close to a lot of people above me. Why else am I mad on Valentine’s Day. Here is a profane rap about it:

Yo, my name is Luca and a really fucking mad, I’m really fucking mad because today was really bad. It’s Valentine’s day and I still feel like shit, I feel like shit because I have a broken baseball mitt. In the morning I was tired like a god damn klutz, then later Iphy and Erez just kicked me in the nuts. My whole day just sucks, I don’t have any bucks, in poker I got less chips than Chuck, I’m out of fucking luck, Iphy drew Olive and it looks like a duck, I wish that things were normal but for now I’m saying “fuck”. I have taken a beating, I was caught cheating, I have lost football games after leading and in the ankle I have taken a cleating. On the street I got jumped, by an obese man I got humped, by my girlfriend I got dumped and by a riddle I got stumped. Now I’m gonna leave then go cry in my sleeve, I’ll get sick and heave and never ever achieve. Luca -2020

Alright that’s all. This week is break. Goodbye.

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