Super Bowl Predictions + more

I said 49ers would beat Chiefs 38-35. The Niners were up 20-10 with 12 minutes left, intercepted the football and got a 1st down in a play that kept the clock running. How they ended up losing 31-20 while the Chiefs were kneeling. It was a very good game. It was 24-20 Chiefs at the 2 minute warning and it was Niner football at the 50 mid-drive.  The first pass attempt was blocked at the line of scrimmage.  The 2nd pass attempts was nearly picked. The 3rd pass attempt was a shot. Sanders got passed the safeties, but it was still tight coverage. Jimmy barely overthrew him. On 4th, he got sacked. Then the Chiefs got a rushing touchdown. Overall a good game, I’d say a 4.25 on a 5 star scale. Fun fact: Yankees Manager Aaron Boone predicted the Chiefs to win 31-20 before the game… It is frustrating since I was rooting for the Niners all season, but whatever.

As for poker, I seemingly gained 600 but then lost it upon unluckiness. I had 2 pair and lost 400 to a flush at one point. Ended up gaining just 97, but still have time to get to the top. Will definitely do so.

R.I.P. Mamba and goodbye.

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