NFL Playoff Predictions update + New Years & New Decade Resolution

Ok so last week, during winter break, I posted my Playoff Predictions. I am 1-3. I was right about Houston beating Buffalo by 3. I was shocked to see New England fall to Tennessee in probably the last game Brady plays as a Patriot. I was pretty surprised when the Vikings beat the Saints in OT. Then the last one… the Seahawks won a fluke against the Eagles. I made one mistake in last weeks blog. I said that the Texans would beat the Bills and then the Ravens would beat the Bills. That was obviously I misspell. I meant to say Ravens beat Texans since I said they won the first game. This was the best Wild Card Weekend in years. Now for predictions for this week:

49ers vs Vikings

It’s a shame the Saints didn’t win, because now we can’t see Packers vs Saints and 49ers vs Seahawks. I do think that the Seahawks didn’t deserve to beat the Eagles and that they are not that good, but Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson and can do anything, especially against the 49ers, a team they faced twice this season. However, we are now getting 49ers vs Vikings as 1 seed vs 6 seed. No 6 seed as beaten the 1 seed since the 2010-11 playoffs, where it happened twice. The Packers beat the Bears and the JETS beat the PATRIOTS. Will it be a different story in SF vs MIN? My friend told me he thinks so, but I told him that he is an idiot and that the 49ers will smoke the Vikings. He somehow thinks the Niners would win an NFC title game against the Saints but won’t beat the Vikings here. The 49ers dominated the Packers by 29 this season and yet he doesn’t think they would beat them in the NFC Championship… So let’s forget what he’s said. The niners have smoked the Packers, went to New Orleans and outscored the Saints who put up 46 that game. After the Ravens put up 40 in 3 straight games and were in the middle of went on to be a 12 game winning streak, the Niners held them to the 20’s and lost by only 3 on a last second field goal. The Niners lost to the Seahawks at home because of an injured kicker, and at the last week almost got robbed by the refs in the W in the battle for the West. The Niners lost a game against the crappy Falcons on a last second touchdown too. So all 3 of their losses were last second in a game that could’ve gone either way… The 49ers will absolutely beat the Vikings this week. My prediction is 35-14 49ers with the win.

Ravens vs Titans

Who would’ve that that the Titans would beat the Patriots. It doesn’t matter though. The Ravens are so good right now, on that 12 game winning streak, putting up 40 in all those games. They will smoke the Titans. Yet somehow, my friend idiotically has the Titans by 10… I have the Ravens by 30. 40-10

Chiefs vs Texans

Last year the Colts started 1-5 and ended 10-6. They ended 10-6 by dominating a road game against another 9-6 team on a 4 game winning streak (however with and injured quarterback and a backup known by Blaine Gabbert). The Colts went into a road Wild Card game against the Texans and firmly won (the Texans were injured). But after that hot streak, went into KC and got cooked in the cold. I see no reason why the Chiefs wouldn’t win here. Their pass rush against the Texans O-Line will be no match. I’m taking Chiefs by a score of 33-13.

Packers vs Seahawks

Perhaps the game of the week, perhaps not. The last game of divisional weekend is an interesting one. Rodgers and the 13-3 Packers are in a home playoff game. The Seahawks aren’t as good as people say in my opinion. The referees are the reason they (literally) came an inch away from beating the Niners for the West crown in the last week of the season. An injured kicker is why they beat the Niners earlier in the season. In the Wild Card, on a 2 game losing streak, they head to a 4 game winning streak Eagles. An Eagles team without their top 3 receivers and a top O-Lineman. Wentz carried the team on his back. Then early in the game, Clowney (deliberately) injured Wentz. Then the Eagles were stuck with a 40 year old known as Josh McCown. McCown actually played decently. The Eagles with their destroyed-by-injuries offense put up only 9 points. Yet the Seahawks, put up only 17. The Seahawks barely outscoring an injured-to-death team is embarrassing. Which raises the question, would they have won if Wentz didn’t get deliberately injured by Jadeveon Clowney. What if the Eagles were fully healthy. If they were, there is no doubt in my mind that they would’ve won, although Wilson does tend to put up a lot more when the other team puts up a lot. This makes me think the Seahawks have no chance in Green Bay. The Packers should be able to smoke them. But the Seahawks do have a man by the name of Russell Wilson who is known to get hot in the clutch. Right now, I’m saying Packers 31-14. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell marches back in the clutch and almost wins a close game at the end.

So after all is said and done, I have the home teams by a landslide. The conference title games would be Ravens vs Chiefs and 49ers vs Packers. As of now, I have both of those games being really good. Both the Ravens and Niners would win by ten, and the Niners would finally knock off the Ravens in the Super Bowl by 3. I don’t think there is any doubt that Ravens vs Chiefs is the AFC Title game (unless you ask my friend). I think the 49ers will probably handle the Vikings and the Packers should handle the Seahawks unless we see Russell Wilson magic. Everyone obviously wants to see 49ers vs Seahawks. I personally wanna see 49ers vs Packers more. Packers vs Vikings would be an interesting rival vs rival game but I think is very very unlikely. We will see what happens this weekend.


Now lastly… before winter break I recapped the year and decade and promised to reveal my year and decade resolutions after winter break. So here they are: My 2020 New Year’s resolution is to get more comebacks in madden. Yes it’s stupid but the most fun part of 2019 so I wanna keep doing it. And my decade resolution is to end up more muscular than John Cena.

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