2019 recap and decade recap.

I’m going to come up with my favorite moment of every year of the 2010’s and my single favorite moment of this decade…


I have no idea I was a small child and can barely remember anything from that point in time.


I think I remember having the most fun at my cousin’s graduation party over the summer. My Uncle got really drunk at that party and I was a tiny little child who had no idea why he was screaming.


When the Giants won Super Bowl 46 probably.


I remember quarterbacking a very bad flag football team that started 0-4 and then winning the championship. If that wasn’t my favorite moment that year then it was the other championship that I won a couple of months before. Or maybe the day I left public school because of the awful things I did to the school 😉 that revenge was relieving


Probably my birthday party because I remember that being fun.


I remember this being my favorite summer when I was in Jersey. I hear from my aunt and uncle that I was loud and obnoxious that summer, but I’m assuming one of those moments was my favorite of the year.


I got red hot in Geometry Dash over that summer. I have countless videos of me screaming in happiness when I beat certain levels. But if I had to choose one, it was when I beat deadlocked. I think I had almost 10,000 attempts on that one. It’s very hard to say if that was my favorite moment of the year though. I remember having a great moment in football too. Winning a championship was one, but we kinda dominated so it wasn’t too special. This was also the year that I got into WWE (wrestling) but all of the bad guys were winning so it was traumatizing.


When the Yankee won the ALDS I was the happiest dude on earth. That series traumatized me. I still feel they should’ve went to the World Series since the Astros cheated in the ALCS. I feel like I had great moments watching some wrestling matches, but those don’t top that Yankees ALDS win. There was a great moment for me in football where we lost a championship. Losing sucked but we were really bad then dominated throughout the playoffs against some dominant teams including almost winning that championship. That game we played in the 1st round, where we won on the last play, was probably my favorite football game I’ve ever been in. My friend texted me before the game “You’re gonna get recked” I told him he spelled Wrecked wrong and forgot the W, so it was very fitting when we got the W. That one just kinda feels like my favorite moment of the year.


It’s hard to say what my favorite moment of this year was. I started a trend of Madden comebacks (football video game) against my friend. I gave him a 35-0 lead for the 2nd half, then came back and won on the last play 52-51. That feels like my happiest moment of the year. I guess I’ll say that one, but I had a lot of fun watching certain wrestling matches that year. Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins and their many matches gave me a lot of joy that year. Also, that summer. I have videos of my mom’s cousin yelling at an Avis worker. My Uncle getting drunk, screaming and then off camera falling. I just don’t think any of those are my favorite. Finally, that summer there was a wedding that I went to. Those speeches, were the single funniest speeches I have ever heard. But I didn’t really pay attention the entire way which I regret.


Now for this year… this is the year where I had a LOT of massive comebacks against my friend. Each time, I burst into happiness. My favorite one was back in March though. I was down by 31 points with 5:27 left and I came back. that was my favorite one. It’s a bummer I didn’t save the recordings, but at least I saved the recordings of us playing. Our reaction was priceless. I would say that this is #1, but as of a couple days ago my choice got really really tough. The greatest thing that anyone has ever told me, came a couple days ago. A girl said my bicep is a 7 out of 10. You can imagine the excitement on my bicep and face when this happened. I had to remain cool and responded with “cool” but that was just to hide the fact I was screaming in happiness on the inside. The loudest I screamed in happiness this year, was when DJ LeMahieu tied ALCS game 6 in the 9th with that 2-run home run. But it was all ruined when the Astros won it in the bottom half of that inning. Oh and when I heard Le’Veon Bell and some other important players signed with the Jets that was great but they ended up getting unlucky throughout the season so nope on that one. There was also my friends birthday part when my one of my other friends started doing hilarious things on accident such as mistaking a corkscrew for a spatula or thinking a satanic demon rubbed blood on my belly button. So hard to decide a greatest moment, but like I said it’s probably that 31 point below 6 minute comeback.



As far as my single favorite moment of the decade, that is damn tough to say. It’s tough to say because the greatest moment of this decade would have to be the greatest moment of my life since I hardly remember anything important from before 2010. Who knows, maybe my Uncle will get drunk at a wedding I am going to this month. Maybe this Christmas something funny will happen. This entire decade my choices were slowly coming up and it didn’t look like it would be that hard of a choice until about a couple weeks before the end of the decade when I was told that my bicep was a 7 out of 10. That is one of only a couple positive things I’ve heard about my physical appearance throughout my entire damn life. This year positive things came in. First my dad said “wow you almost have a 2-pack” then my mom said “wow you are getting stronger” when I lifted two bags of groceries simultaneously then Beth said she like my triceps when I was carrying 3 water bottles. But there are problems with all of those, almost having a 2-pack is not as good as my biceps being 7 out of 10. Lifting up 2 bags of groceries is possible even without biceps being 7 out of 10. And biceps being 7 out of 10 is better than triceps being 10 out of 10 and she sounded sarcastic. So you can imagine how my life got happier when what happened a couple days ago happened. But this is probably not my favorite moment of the decade. I guess #1 is that football game I was in. Like I said, that game in 2016

Possible 2020 year and 2020’s decade resolution:

Right now my 2020 New Years Resolution isn’t locked in. It might be to continue getting madden comebacks, comebacks in all sports games, getting better better at dominating football and baseball, maybe dominating poker, maybe something to do with GD, who knows, maybe it will be to bump my bicep from a 7 out of 10 to an 8 out of 10. Maybe even a 10 but that’s a stretch since I might not feel like doing that. That could be my decade resolution. I honestly don’t know. I will lock in my 2020 New Years Resolution and 2020’s Decade resolution on New Years Eve. Then I’ll reveal what it was after Christmas Break.

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