How Poker Finals Went

I was at 3rd place entering the finals. I boosted up past Ryan and Douglas to get solid 1st place. But meanwhile, Erez from 6th, boosted up to 2nd. I was up about 700 on him and started playing conservative. Then, most of the table went all in and Erez won over 1000. Heading into the last hand, I was up about 700 on Timo in solid 2nd. But my goal was 1st. Around this point, Erez was over 1000 up on me. So I decided it was 1st or bust. I bet 800 at the end. Of course I lost and Erez won that hand. Erez ended up in first by over 3000. I ended up in 3rd, down only 90 from Timo. My choice at that point was fold and get firmly 2nd, or go for 1st and risk 2nd. I went for 1st, lost, and lost 2nd by only 90 units. I thought for certain I was gonna win until everybody went all in and Erez just took all of it. Now I’ll say this, that is some sick, sick, SICK luck. Mentally sick! If everybody didn’t go all in, I would’ve won. Next June, I am going to be so high up in 1st place!

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