Blaine Gabbert

He was drafted 10th In the 2011 NFL Draft. He sucked. The Jaguars gave up on him after 3 seasons. He moved to the 49ers. He came in off the bench for Colin Kaepernick. Played so bad Kapernick came back in. Became backup for Marcus Mariota on the Titans. In 2018 Mariota got injured right before the last game of the season so Gabbert had to play and it was a Win or go home game. They were home. They won 4 straight. With Gabbert, they lost by multiple scores. My friend predicted they would tie, but that’s because he likes the Steelers and that was the only way they could get in. He now plays for the Buccaneers, as backup for Winston. He is doing god knows what on that bench. Dwaine Gabbert is now 30 and he sucks.

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