The Jets Problems

In the pre-season, Inside Linebacker Avery Williamson suffered a season ending injury. It was announced Outside Linebacker Brandon Copeland and Tight End Chris Herndon would be suspended the first 4 games. Then Regular Season game 1 happened… 16-0 lead in the 3rd meaning a 95% chance if winning. The Bills last season were 0-10 in games with 2 or more turnovers and they had 4 in this game. In games where the home team has 0 turnovers and the away team has 4, the home team wins more than 99% of the time. Yet here, that didn’t happen. Everything crashed and burned after Inside Linebacker CJ Mosley got injured. They lost 17-16. The good news was Mosley was clear for game 2, and so was Bell after a health worry. But then, Enunwa got a season ending injury the third straight fucking season. The positive is we traded for Demaryius Thomas. After that Sam Darnold got mono so now we have to stick with Trevor Siemien at quarterback who is so bad that he makes people stop providing semen. Sign Kaepernick right now! Oh also my flag football league season was cancelled which is a bummer since I am supposed to dominated. Now the Jets have this hard as schedule the next 6 games. We’re about to cook the Browns though. Playing the role of the underdogs again.

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