Poker Rant

Last season, I was having a big last day and towered above everyone. Ryan: “Ok I think Luca’s gonna win”. Then, Erez goes all in. FIVE PEOPLE CALL HIM! And he wins that big hand and he takes the big lead. At the end, I was down about 1000 to him, but firmly in second. I bet a lot, he called. Of course he won that hand, and ended up in first place by 3000. I dropped to 3rd, just 90 units below Timo. So this season was mine. Back in January, after the first week, I was in first. Then the next 2 weeks, I was hit by the worst luck imaginable. I remember losing with a Full House twice, a straight once, a flush once and missing like 10 flushes on a big time flush draw. I dropped to 10th. We were all bunched up, and after entering quarantine I started moving up the ranks. Every buy in pushed me forward. I played conservative and gained a little more than my 800 each time. Last month, a buy in got me above 3000 and into 7th or 6th. I was closing in on first. Then WHAM. Bad luck. Ever since then, I couldn’t catch a break. One time, I had pocket 5’s and a 5 came out. But so did a 6 and a 7 and they were all SUITED! So I had to fold. I have lost with multiple 2 pairs. Today, I lost with a 3 of a kind to a straight TWICE! I have had a great hand, but my kicker was like a 5 and the other persons kicker was a 6. I have folded, then hit flushes. I have had a straight and lost to a flush. This one time, I had a flush but the board was a flush draw machine. Erez was betting a lot so I assumed he had a better flush… he didn’t even. He had a straight. I just kept dropping, and when me and Erez both hit the negatives, we just went all out. We both kept going all in. As for Erez, people kept calling and he kept winning. Had I called some of them, I would have won. My All Ins, either didn’t get called or when they did I lost. That’s how I dropped to -10,000. Today was okay (aside from the part I said earlier) but I’m still at like -9,500. The biggest day of all time, is +8,000. People get +100 off the bat. And people get lucky all the time. One time Doug got 3 straights in a row. Like I said Ryan got a straight both times I got a 3 of a kind. Oh and today I was multi-tasking, and playing Madden, and the game BEING BROKEN AS ALL HELL COST ME. Dalvin Cook was literally running in place into my defender running in place, then clicked forward, went through the leg of his O-Lineman and rolled over my defender for a first down. As for poker, I just want a big day. I never catch a break though. And if I don’t pull off a miracle comeback, I hope Doug wins. He has gotten the least luckiest out of everyone at the top. Bye.

2020 NFL Schedule Predictions:

I predicted every game of the NFL schedule a few weeks ago, here are the results: (subject to change before the season begins)

AFC East

  1. Bills 12-4
  2. Jets 8-8
  3. Patriots 6-10
  4. Dolphins 6-10

AFC North:

  1. Ravens 15-1
  2. Steelers 8-8
  3. Browns 5-11
  4. Bengals 5-11

AFC South:

  1. Colts 11-5
  2. Titans 10-6
  3. Texans 6-10
  4. Jaguars 2-14

AFC West:

  1. Chiefs 12-4
  2. Raiders 9-7
  3. Broncos 9-7
  4. Chargers 6-10

NFC East:

  1. Egales 11-5
  2. Cowboys 10-6
  3. Giants 3-13
  4. Redskins 3-13

NFC North:

  1. Packers 9-7
  2. Vikings 9-7
  3. Lions 9-7
  4. Bears 5-11

NFC South:

  1. Saints 13-3
  2. Buccaneers 12-4
  3. Falcons 4-12
  4. Panthers 3-13

NFC West:

  1. 49ers 14-2
  2. Seahawks 11-5
  3. Cardinals 7-9
  4. Rams 4-12


Chiefs beat Broncos
Bills beat Raiders
Titans beat Colts
Saints beat Cowboys
Eagles beat Seahawks
Buccaneers beat Packers

Ravens beat Titans
Chiefs beat Bills
49ers beat Buccaneers
Eagles beat Saints

Ravens beat Chiefs
49ers beat Eagles

Super Bowl 55:

49ers beat Ravens 35-31

Super Bowl MVP: Jimmy Garoppolo


All NFL NFC teams as they stand this offseason

Last week I did a review of every AFC team, now I am doing a review of every NFC team. Then next week, I’m showing the results of my predictions of every game of the schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles had a decent offseason. They have been getting unlucky ever since winning Super Bowl 52, and it was the same in 2019. Their Receiver trio (which was the best in the league) got injured and they were stuck at 5-7 after blowing a lead against the DOLPHINS. Then, Wentz brought them on a 4 game winning streak playing with Receivers off the street, and they won the division. In the Wild Card game, Wentz got injured early (thanks to Clowney deliberately concussing him). They still only lost 17-9 using Josh McCown. This Offseason, they kept the team pretty much in tact aside from losing Nelson Agholor. They have improved their Defense too. They got Cornerback Darius Slay, and only needed to trade 3rd and 5th round picks to do so. Malik Jackson is coming back from an injury so that will improve the D-Line. They also signed Javon Hargrave to improve the D-Line even more. This is a D-Line that already has Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox. The Offense however, has taken hits. The Running Game is officially garbage. They lost Jordan Howard, and Darren Sproles retired. They didn’t sign a Running Back, and didn’t draft one until late. They’re just hoping for the best out of Miles Sanders behind their elite Offensive Line, or they can still sign Lesean McCoy back, or sign Carlos Hyde who are still Free Agents. The main problem was the draft. They had the 22nd pick, and the Falcons at 16 were looking to trade down. Perfect landing spot to trade up to. And Wide Receiver Ceedee Lamb kept falling, and the Cowboys had the 17th pick. I have no idea how they let the Cowboys get Ceedee Lamb, rather than doing that easy trade up. Then, at 22 they picked Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson. At least the only had to trade back in the 6th round to acquire veteran speedster Marquise Goodwin. The biggest disaster, was the 2nd Round. The picked Carson Wentz’ backup here… and they fricken super reached for Jalen Hurts. As of now, I still think that they are an 11-5 team, and at the top of the division.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have had a very good offseason, after collapsing out of the playoffs last season, when they had a very easy path to win the division. At first, it looked like they were only gonna get worse from 8-8. They lost Byron Jones from their secondary, and their Center Travis Fredrick retired. They still have 2 of the very best O-Linemen in the world, being Zack Martin and Tyron Smith. That’s a big help in their running game since they already have one of the leagues best Running Backs, being Ezekiel Elliot. Their Receiving game already has Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, and then they drafted Ceedee Lamb 17th overall. I’m not too high on their Quarterback Dak Prescott, but he’s good enough. And obviously he should improve under their new Head Coach, Mike Freakin’ McCarthey. They even improved their kicking game by signing “Legatron” Greg “The Leg” Zurlein. On Defense, they signed Gerald McCoy to their D-Line, however didn’t do much to improve their secondary after losing Byron Jones. All they did was sign Haha Clinton-Dix. They wanted to trade for the worlds best Safety Jamal Adams, and there were rumors they would trade Amari Cooper for him, or one of their top O-Linemen or BOTH, or a bundle of draft picks. However the neither the Jets nor Cowboys wanted to pull the trigger. The Cowboys already have a high powered offense, and the Jamal Adams is a much rarer player than Amari Cooper, however that’s why the Jets likely won’t do that trade. They would need Martin, Smith and a high draft pick to make them happy. It seems like Dallas will just stick with this team, and they should go 11-5. However as of right now I don’t have them as the division favorites.

New York Giants

After going 4-12 last season, they tried to improve their team. They sorta did. They have the Quarterback in the future in Daniel Jones, they have sensation Running Back Saquon Barkley heading into his 3rd season. His rookie season was phenomenal behind a bad O-Line, the only reason he didn’t improve in 2019 was because he was injured for a little bit. But one thing I wanted to point out, is that he didn’t fumble once in 2018, then fumbled on his first carry of 2019 lol. I thought that was funny. They didn’t make many big splashy moves in the free agency, and relied more on the draft. 4th Overall, I thought they would go Linebacker since Isaiah Simmons was still available. They went O-Line. I thought if they were going line, they would go Jedrick Willis. Instead, they chose Andrew Thomas which was odd. But he will still improve the O-Line. In the 2nd Round, they improved their Secondary when they selected Safety Xavier McKinney. There really wasn’t much change but they are a young team improving. And they hired a new Head Coach, Joe Judge could be the guy the need to exceed expectations. Right now, they still only look like a 6-10 team.

Washington Redskins

3-13 last season, and they got the 2nd pick in the draft. First of all, Dwayne Haskins kind of had a disappointing rookie season, but that is mainly because of the team around him. He was great in College, he fell all the way to 15th last year, and the Redskins still used Case Keenum over him in the early part of the season. When Haskins came in, he improved at a very slow pace. I am expecting a much better 2019 though. Like the Giants, the Redskins didn’t make many big Free Agency moves aside from sign Cornerback Kendall Fuller. Last offseason, letting go of Safeties HaHa Clinton-Dix and DJ Swearinger, to replace them with Safety Landon Collins proved to be a mistake. They overpaid Collins, and he underperformed in 2019. As for the D-Line, they improved that by drafting Chase Young. They didn’t have their 2nd Round Pick, but that’s because of trading up into the 1st Round of last years draft. They selected Montez Sweat with that pick, so I guess it was worth not having a 2nd Round Selection this year. They really didn’t add much talent around Dwayne Haskins though. They lost talent as a matter of fact. They lost Josh Doctson (although he did underperform in 2019) and they had to trade O-Lineman Trent Williams since he requested a trade. All they got was a 5th round pick, and 2021 3rd Round Pick. Right now, I am not too high on this team, but I just don’t think they can do as bad as last season with a young Quarterback, new good coach (Ron Rivera) and easyish schedule. They look around 5-11 to me.

Green Bay Packers

This is the hardest division to predict, it’s so hard, that these teams aren’t even in a specific order. The Packers went 13-3 last season, and this offseason has been rough on them. One thing we know, is that the Packers just can’t stop the run. The 49ers just exposed them in that NFC Championship game. The Packers seemed to be mounting somewhat of a comeback, but they still didn’t come anywhere close because of the fact the Niners kept running all over them for Touchdown after Touchdown. They were destroyed even worse by the Niners in the Regular Season. They haven’t done anything to improve their Run Stuffing. As for on Offense, the Line took a hit when they lost Bryan Bulaga. Their running game isn’t very good as Aaron Jones took a step back last season, and losing Bryan Bulaga won’t help. As far as their Receiving game, that took a step back when they lost Randal Cobb and Tight End Jimmy Graham. All they did to replace them was sign Devin Funchess and veteran Tight End Marcedes Lewis which really isn’t anything. They still have DaVante Adams, but there is only so much that he can do. The worst part, is the Quarterback-Coach situation. In the middle of 2018, they fired Mike McCarthey because Rodgers didn’t want to play with him anymore, and they would rather keep Rodgers over McCarthey. Last offseason, they hired Matt LeFleur who was the Quarterbacks Coach for the Falcons the 2016 season he won the MVP award. Rodgers said he wanted LeFleur, and it turned out to be a good decision. But in the postseason there was a lot of obvious dysfunction between the two. If this continues, they will not perform well. In the 1st Round of the draft, they traded up from 30 to 26… to select Jordan Love. That’s right, they selected a Quarterback in the first round. Their only good pick was Running back AJ Dillon in the 2nd Round. It’s scary what can happen next season, especially with their tough schedule. As of right now, I say that they end 9-7. In this NFC, that will not be enough for a Wild Card and they will have to win the division to get in the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings had a rough start  to the Offseason, it began with Stefon Diggs requesting a trade. They got a great haul. A 1st, 5th, 6th and 2021 4th Round pick came their way, however going 11-5 and getting the 6 seed, then losing Stefon Diggs looked like a big time problem. But after that the Vikings had a really good offseason from that point forward. They signed Michael Pierce to improve their D-Line. They signed Wide Receiver Tajae Sharp. They had a damn good draft too. They selected Justin Jefferson with the 23rd pick, which is the exact pick they received in the Stefon Diggs trade. Then, they traded back from 25 to 31, to select Cornerback Jeff Gladney. It might have been a reach but at least they traded back to do that. In the 2nd Round they landed Offensive Lineman Ezra Cleveland, who I can’t believe fell that far. So overall a good offseason aside from being forced to trade Stefon Diggs, which might just be a blessing in disguise since it cleared cap room. They seem like they’re still going to rely on their hot run game with Dalvin Cook, and they still have Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph for Kirk Cousins to throw the ball to, however the transition, the tough schedule and the division is going to hold them down in 2020. But the improving young players and all the big moves they will make next offseason will turn them into one of the best NFL teams again in 2021. I say a 9-7 2020.

Detroit Lions

Where do I start with the Lions. They got off to a 2-0-1 start, then dropped to 3-4-1. However, all 4 losses were very close games, 2 of which they lost entirely because of the referees. Then, after Matt Stafford got injured they didn’t win a single game without him, going 0-8 the 2nd half of the season. But they still played well throughout this stretch and almost beat the Packers that last week. The Lions can easily be like the 2019 49ers, going from worst to first. The Lions 2019 was very similar to the 49ers 2018, getting hit by injuries. Then, the Lions 2020 Offseason was very similar to the 49ers last offseason, making good improvements. The Lions did have to trade Darius Slay, and only got a 3rd and 5th round pick out of it, and Damon Harrison was eager to get out of Detroit. But that isn’t all that big of a deal. They replaced Slay with veteran Desmond Trufant, and drafted Jeff Okudah 3rd overall. They replaced Harrison with a younger D-Lineman, Danny Shelton. They signed Linebacker Jamie Collins. In the 2nd Round of their draft, they selected Running Back D’Andre Swift, who will improve their Running Game that already has Caryon Johnson. In the 3rd Round they landed DL Julian Okwara. But there is a difference between the Lions and 49ers. The Lions 2019 team is not nearly as good as the 49ers 2018 team, the Lions did not have as many injuries as the 49ers 2018 team, and they ended with a worse record than the 49ers 2018 team. This offseason, was not nearly as good as the 49ers 2019 offseason. The Lions do have a somewhat easy schedule this season, but are in a tough division. They will not go 13-3 like the 2019 49ers, my call right now is they go 9-7 like the Packers and Vikings.

Chicago Bears

People are sleeping on this team, but I am just sad about the Bears. They were the biggest disappointment in 2019. I had them going 14-2, they went 8-8.  We saw massive regression from Quarterback Mitch Trubisky, Running Back Tarik Cohen etc. They are losing cap room and lost some names, it didn’t help that they traded for veteran Nick Foles who has a monster contract and was injured all last season. They didn’t have a First or Third round pick this Draft thanks to the Khalil Mack trade all the way back in 2018. They did sign Linebacker Robert Quin and Tight End Jimmy Graham, but they lost Safety Haha Clinton-Dix. You saw last season, they did much better when Trubisky was on. But now, even if Mitch does perform well I just think this team is still gonna have a hard time in this division with this schedule. I’m just not very high on Mitch or Foles as of right now. The Bears chance to be great is gone. They ruined their opportunity to go 14-2 or something in 2019. Part of the reason that didn’t happen is because the division was better than previously anticipated, and now all the 3 teams in this division are expected to go above 500, they have gradually lost bits an pieces of their 2018 team and haven’t gotten enough back. Right now, it sadly looks like they will go 6-10, however they are still a sleeper and can rebound. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 7-9 or higher, but it would rely on any of the other NFC North teams hugely disappointing (most likely the Packers).

New Orleans Saints

This team just loves to choke in the playoffs. 13-3 wasn’t enough for a first round bye, and they choked in the Wild Card game. However they are still driven to win that Super Bowl, they made some big moves this offseason. These moves are to hopefully get them the #1 seed in 2020, but will probably put them towards the bottom of this division by 2022. Last season, they went 6-0 while Drew Brees was injured, but still let Teddy Bridgewater walk. They are still interested in Drew’s successor, they signed Jameis Winston. He passed for over 5000 yards last season and honestly deserves to be a starter NOW, I hate that he is going to waste his talent on the bench the next 2 seasons. This is Drew’s last chance to win his 2nd Super Bowl. They added Emmanuel Sanders to the Receiving group, coming from the 49ers who are currently their #1 problem in the NFC. They signed veteran Safety Malcolm Jenkins to come back. They added Safety DJ Swearinger. Noah Spence has been added to their D-Line. In the draft, they improved their already great O-Line by drafting Center Cesar Ruiz 24th overall., although it was a reach. They actually didn’t have a 2nd, 4th, 5th or 6th round pick in this draft. They two 3rd Rounds picks which they used on a Linebacker and Tight End respectively, and then they used their 7th Round Pick on Quarterback Tommy Stevens (this is before they signed Winston). While the team has improved, the division has gotten tougher. Not the entire division, but one specific team, the Buccaneers. The 49ers might be their #1 problem when it comes to getting the 1 seed, but the Buccaneers are a problem when it comes to winning the division in general. They’re gonna have to play Brady, Arians and company twice this season. Plus, their schedule is still one of the toughest in the league. They got San Francisco and Kansas City to beat as well, although they are at least home for those games. But you saw what happened last season at home against San Francisco, they scored 46 points against an injured defense, and choked at the end and lost the first ever NFL game to end in the score 48-46. It took all the way until the NFL’s 100th season to have that score. As of now, due to the division and schedule, I say they go 13-3 again. It will be enough to win the division and therefore get the 2 seed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team went 7-9 last season. Bruce Arians brought Jameis Winston’s career back from the dead. Winston passed for over 5000 yards which I believe is the 10th most in history, and his Touchdown total rapidly improved. He did still throw a lot of interceptions but that’s it. However, then Bruce Arians landed Tom Brady. Brady is 43 years old, and they just let Winston go. However the idea of a Brady-Arians combo is scary. He has one of the leagues best Receiver duos in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. They lost Breshad Perriman who ended last season quite hot, but that’s fine. Why is it fine? Because they also added Rob Gronkowski coming out of retirement to reunite with Tom Brady. When Gronk came out of retirement, he was still technically under contract with the Patriots, and the Buccaneers only had to trade a 4th round pick for him. Gronk only skipped one season and is 31 yesterday. They still have OJ Howard at Tight End but will probably trade him for defense. Their O-Line has improved, they selected Tristan Wirfs 13th after trading up 1 pick. They traded a 5th Round selection to move up one pick. Whatever though. They then went defense most of the draft, and went Running Back at one point. The Running Game isn’t there, it’s really just Ronald Jones and that’s it. Their Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles has helped build the Defense. They did lose Carl Nassib, but it is young and improving. It looks like if Brady doesn’t drastically regress or the team doesn’t disappoint/underperform, they will go 12-4 at best. That will not be enough to win this division with the Saints. Good thing for them that their schedule isn’t as tough as the Saints though, however it is still not the easiest thing.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons 2018 disappointment had an excuse: injuries and they got hot at the end. The 2019 disappointment had no excuse. The Defense entirely underperformed. They did get hot at the end, but they also hit the cap limit. They traded Mohamed Sanu mid-season, and they lost some names this offseason. They lost veteran Cornerback Desmond Trufant. It is one of the worst Cornerback crews in the league, although they still have safeties Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen so it’s not an awful secondary. As for how they replaced Trufant, They drafted AJ Terrell 16th overall but that was a reach because they couldn’t find a spot to trade up or trade down. At the Linebacker position they lost Vic Beasley and De’Vondre Campbell, but were able to sign Dante Fowler who is better than both in my opinion, and they still have Deion Jones. At Running Back, Devonta Freeman underperformed last season coming off being injured all of 2018. They cut him and signed Todd Gurley as a replacement, but he’s pretty much done. His injury towards the end of 2018 kept him from doing anything in the playoffs, and last offseason his doctor said that Gurley has peaked. He obviously regressed in 2019. He isn’t going to do much with the Falcons. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones continue to age, but I am still high on them. The schedule is a little bit tough, and they are in a tough division. Right now, I see them going 6-10 but they still have a chance to surpass that expectation.

Carolina Panthers

Well, they finally let go of Cam Newton after he got another injury. And they signed Teddy Bridgewater as the replacement.  I like that. And I like that they signed Robby Anderson for him to throw the ball to. They have the best Running Back in the league in Christian McCaffrey. It seems that they are rebuilding though. They let Gerald McCoy walk. Their Defense regressed as a whole, their O-Line took hits. In the draft, the picked Linebacker Derrick Brown over Isaiah Simmons. This looks like a rebuilding team. They are familiar with their tough division and not so easy schedule, they will tank this season but go up starting next offseason. 4-12.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers went 13-3, dominated the playoffs and almost won the Super Bowl last season. Their 3 losses were all at the last second and could have gone either way. They had the best roster last season and they arguably still do have the best roster in the league. It is undoubtably the most balanced roster. After the division rival Rams lost Super Bowl 53, they had a Super Bowl hangover and missed the playoffs. That was on the management. This offseason, the Niners have been very smart. Keeping one eye on the present and the other on the future. The run game was smashed with injuries, but it remained very good. Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman are all they need. So they traded Matt Breida, and they only got a 5th round pick in return, but that was used in the trade for O-Lineman Trent Williams who will replace the now retired Joe Staley and improve the O-Line as a whole this season. They will probably trade Jerrick McKinnon after getting 2 straight season ending injuries. The Receiver group has lost Emmanuel Sanders, but that’s fine. They have Deebo Samuel, Kendrick Bourne and Dante Pettis. Not to mention beast Tight End George Kittle. They didn’t need Marquise Goodwin who was injured all last season anymore, so they traded him. But didn’t get to much in return, only a trade up in the 6th Round. They traded two 5th round picks to trade up from 31 to 25 in order to select Brandon Aiyuk. He isn’t well known but the Niners have been fantastic at scouting in recent years. The Defense is still mostly in tact. The secondary, the Linebacker crew, but the one big change is the D-Line. It was known as the fearsome foursome. Buckner, Bosa, Armstead and Ford. They wanted to clear cap room so they traded Buckner and got the 13th overall pick in return. Many thought they would use this on a Receiver since they still had former 2016 first round pick Solomon Thomas on that line, but used it on Javon Kinlaw as a direct replacement for Buckner (after trading back one pick and getting an extra 5th rounder in return. So Thomas is now also probably trade bate. From certain trades last off season and at the trade deadline, they lacked a 2nd, 3rd and 4th round pick but that’s okay. They went O-Line in the 5th Round, they kept making smart picks. They are honestly still the best team in the NFC. The schedule is tough and so is the division, but the schedule isn’t a full on aggravating piece of crap, and the other teams in the division aren’t even close to the level of the 49ers right now. 14-2 is my call.

Seattle Seahawks

We go to the most overrated team in the NFL who almost stole the division from the Niners last season, they ended 5-11, and only beat the Eagles 17-9 when they were down to guys off the street and a 40 year old backup Quarterback. I said they would get crushed in Green Bay after that, they were being thrown around. They started a comeback, but were just unable to complete it. I still think Russell Wilson is a sure-fire hall of famer. And they have a good Offense around him. The Offseason wasn’t entirely great. They lost Jadeveon Clowney from their Defense. They didn’t sign enough to replace him. On Offense, they were able to land Greg Olsen. Their O-Line did take a hit, that won’t help out their Running Game. Chris Carson has gone through injuries. Although it won’t really add more sacks, Russell Wilson can keep plays alive for 10+ seconds. I’m not too high on them, they are in a tough division and have a tough schedule. 10-6, getting the #7 seed barely getting into the playoffs is my call right now.

Arizona Cardinals

I’m just not very high on them. Last offseason, they hired a rookie coach, and let him decide to reach for a mid 1st round 5″9 Quarterback 1st overall. Even though they picked a QB in the 1st round a year before. Murray-Kingsbury did turn out to be a quite intriguing tandem though. They put up good fights in both their losses to the Niners, and their loss against Seattle. And even beat Seattle with a backup Quarterback. The went 5-10-1. This offseason, they bamboozled the Texans in a trade for DeAndre Hopkins. They got rid of Running Back David Johnson in this trade, that is big because he’s been loaded with injuries and has a big contract. They didn’t even have to give up a 1st round pick. Just a 2nd and 2021 4th along with Johnson. They signed Running Back Kenyan Drake as a replacement at that position. With the 8th overall pick that they somehow still had after trading for Hopkins, they were somehow able to land Linebacker Isaiah Simmons who fell further than we all thought he would. The young Defense is slowly improving. They signed De’Vondre Campbell Devon Kennard to the Linebacker crew. They signed Jordan Phillips to the D-Line. In the 3rd round they improved the O-Line with Josh Jones. They still have Christian Kirk on the Receiving core. They also still have Larry Fitzgerald but this is probably his last season. 2019 was originally supposed to be his last. As of now, they obviously have a lack of depth and are still very incomplete. They haven’t fully gotten away from that horrendous 2018 3-13 team. The division is tough, and the schedule is okay. As of now, I’m going to be nice and give them an 8-8 records.

Los Angeles Rams

This is one of the most poorly managed teams in the league now. And it’s a shame because they have great coaching, and went to Super Bowl 53. Although they arguably were handed the NFC Championship by the refs. Last offseason, the Rams never said no. They re-signed almost everybody, leaving them with no cap room this offseason. They went 9-7 and missed the playoffs last season, although they would have made it if the new playoffs expansion was around just one year earlier. During the season when they were obviously struggling to keep up with the Niners and Hawks, they should have been trading players for draft picks. At first they were. They traded Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. But that was just done to clear cap room for a trade for Jalen Ramsey. They traded two 1st round picks (2020 and 2021) for the most expensive cornerback in the league and still missed the playoffs. Again, does not help their salary cap situation. They lost Cornerback John Johnson this offseason. All they really have in the secondary is Jalen Ramsey. Not a balanced team. The cap situation was so bad, they trade Receiver Brandin Cooks along with a 2022 4th round pick for a 2020 2nd round pick who was injured half of last season anyways. The Receiving core has problems, Robert Woods continues to get older. They have Cooper Kupp but will problem have to trade him midseason because they won’t have the cap room to re-sign him. They just cut Todd Gurley altogether to clear some more room. They lost Kicker Greg Zurlein, veteran edge rusher Clay Matthews. They don’t have enough room to sign any replacements. They still have no cap room. No 1st round pick next year. They didn’t have a 1st round pick this draft. No big noise made in the draft. Tough division. Tough schedule. I’m not too high on Jared Goff,. The Coaching will probably keep them afloat a little bit though. 6-10 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lower.

That’s all. I did the AFC last week, NFC this week. I will show the standings results from predicting the entire schedule next week. Ciao.

Every NFL AFC Team as they stand so far this Offseason

The Free Agency period is nearly over, the Draft happened, the schedule released yesterday. Next season is becoming more and more obvious. I was going to predict every game of the schedule, and show where my predictions stand. But I decided not to do that yet. I will do AFC team reviews this week, and NFC next week, then full schedule predictions. One quick note: There is a playoff expansion! The 7 seed from each conference now makes the playoffs, playing the 2 seed in the Wild Card Round. Meaning only the 1 seed gets a bye. Here’s my current take on the NFL Teams:

Buffalo Bills

The Bills went 10-6 last season, and they are currently going through a great offseason. They are well coached and have a great defense, but have improved that defense. Josh Allen is heading into his 3rd season, and he is only going to improve. Except the improvement should be really big now. The Bills traded for Stefon Diggs this offseason. They traded a 1st, 5th, 6th and 2021 4th. It was worth it. They still had a good draft anyways. They look like a 12-4 team on paper, and looking at the schedule it shouldn’t take away from or add to that number. The best part, is that Brady is out of the AFC East. Free division finally! The Bills look poised to finally dethrone the Patriots at the top spot.

New York Jets

The Jets had the #7 defense last season, despite having injuries to Mosley, Williamson, Williams and Maye. And even traded Leonard Williams midway through. Now, they should be healthy and drafted some good names as well. They should easily be a top 5 defense next season. The problem in 2019, was the offense. They were the lowest ranked Offense of the league. But that wasn’t entirely their fault. Sam Darnold got mono early, and when he came back he was rusty. The next problem, was the Offensive Line. It was one of the worst in the league, and Darnold kept getting sacked. Darnold also made really bad decisions under pressure which mostly led to interceptions. But next season, it should all be better. Darnold has a lot on his offense for his 3rd year. They signed McGovern, Fant and Van Roten to their O-Line. They drafted Mekhi Becton 11th overall and he will improve that line as well. The way he works the pocket, all he needs is an ok O-Line. As far as the receivers, they lost Robby Anderson. But they still have Crowder and Herndon. And they signed Perriman and Doctson. Not to mention, they drafted Denzel Mims in the 2nd round. Also, Le’Veon Bell ran for almost 800 yards behind a terrible offensive line after skipping a season, in a passing heavy offense. He had 400 receiving yards. Next season the Offense should drastically improve. A lot of people say they are an 8-8/9-7 team on paper, but the schedule could take them down. After all, they had a laughable schedule last season. In the 2nd half of 2019 they went 6-2, those were mostly easy teams. And the 2 losses came against winless teams. Right now though, I think they are a 10-6 team on paper. They are as good as the 2019 Bills. But the problem lies in the schedule, I still predict that they go 9-7 anyways.

New England Patriots

They lost Tom Brady. <— Link to something I’ve wanted to say my whole damn life! Anyways their Offense visibly worsened last season, and it only got even worse this Offseason. The Offensive Line has taken another hit, Joe Thuney might want out. Oh and BRADY IS GONE! They still have Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels coaching the Offense. They have the best secondary in the league, but the front seven has also taken hits. They lost Kyle Van Noy and Michael Bennett. They look like an 8-8 team on paper, and the schedule is tough. As of now, I say they still go 8-8 anyways.

Miami Dolphins

This was one of the worst teams of all time in 2019. They were 0-7, breaking records for badism. Then suddenly, they got hot and ended up 5-11. They have had a really good offseason when it comes to defense. They signed Byron Jones, Kyle Van Noy ETC. They added Jordan Howard and Matt Breida as their new running backs. They drafted Tua Tagavailoa 5th overall. They had a load of draft picks and used them wisely, but there are still a lot of remaining problems. Such as the depth. The Offensive Line is still bad. And Tua Tagavailoa is coming off of an injury. What if he literally can’t play. Are they gonna use Ryan Fitzpatrick again? Josh Rosen? I don’t think they’ll wanna do that.  Right now they look like a 7-9 team. The schedule isn’t the hardest thing and isn’t the easiest thing. One of the reasons they won much more games last season than expected was because of the laughably easy schedule. The entire AFC East had an easy schedule. Right now, I say they go 7-9.

Baltimore Ravens

Last season they went 14-2. Ended on a 12 game win streak. Put up 40+ points in 3 straight games. Beat Super Bowl contenders. Had only the 2nd ever unanimous MVP. They went into Pittsburgh the last week and dominated with their backups. They broke records. They lost in the division round to the 6 seed Titans who were lucky to even be in the playoffs, let alone the Divisional Round. They pretty much didn’t even take them seriously. Kind of like Apollo Creed. That was embarrassing, but they only got better. They picked right. Patrick Queen 28th overall. They did lose Michael Pierce from their D-Line, but they go Calais Campbell. And only had to trade a 1st round pick for him. They drafted right throughout the entire draft at that position. Honestly, this 14-2 team has only gotten better. The only real threat, is Lamar Jackson’s health. Can the MVP and Madden 21 cover athlete stay healthy. Everybody knows it’s inevitable, with the way he plays, that he gets hit or tackled in a way that tears his ACL. Will it happen this season? How long until it happens? He guaranteed a Super Bowl for Baltimore. It looks extremely likely, but he needs to get it out of the way early. He has 3 years TOPS before getting that massive injury. It’s still very hard to imagine he stays healthy the next 3 seasons. Right now, I say he stays healthy and they go 15-1.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The last 2 seasons they were hot, then collapsed losing to bad teams for no reason at all. 2019 they had an excuse. Injuries. Ben Roethlisberger got injured. They managed to keep afloat with Mason Rudolph who nobody knew his name before the season. They even almost made the playoffs with Devlin Hodges who people didn’t know until Rudolph got injured towards the end of the season. Now Ben is coming back, and they had a damn good offseason.  They look like a 10-6 team on paper, but they have a tough schedule and it just seems like something happens each year causing their collapse. I’m going to have to say they go 9-7, and despite the playoff expansion, they will miss the playoffs in this competitive AFC.

Cleveland Browns

Before last season the Browns were the most overhyped team in recent memory. I was one of the only people who didn’t buy into it and predicted them to miss the playoffs. They didn’t even reach those expectations as they played like the brown stuff my dad left in the toilet last night. 6-10. But the problem was their Offensive Line. Last Offseason, they traded Kevin Zeitler (a pro bowler) for a washed up D-Lineman with a big contract (Olivier Vernon). And the D-Line still underperformend. Not to mention, their best players (Beckham, Garret, Hunt, “Mayfield”) all have massive off field problems. They might as well trade Hunt, Chubb is better. Mayfield had an excuse for a disappointing 2nd season, the O-Line. He got sacked a lot. But he also had weapons around him. Beckham, Landry, Njoku, Chubb, Hunt, and still struggled. He fumbled a lot as well. Ball security is something that the likes of Sam Darnold and Josh Allen, improved on in their 2nd season. They have improved their O-Line, they signed Jack Conclin. They drafted Jedrick Wills 10th overall. They also signed Tight End Austin Hooper. But that doesn’t change the fact I am still low on them. It’s their defense. In the secondary, it’s just Denzel Ward and no one else. Their linebacker crew remains bad. They lost Joe Schobert this offseason. It’s hard to say what their record is on paper, it’s hard to say what the schedule would do to that record. But right now to me they are 7-9 next season.

Cincinnati Bengals

Last season they went 2-14 but that was mainly because of injuries. They were a sleeper heading into last season. The 2-14 might have not even been worth it. They drafted Heisman Joe Burrow 1st overall as their new quarterback. But honestly he’s more like a 5th overall pick in my eyes. Tua Tagavailoa, would’ve been the clear cut Heisman and 1st overall pick if he stayed healthy. But, Burrow does fit the Bengals and I think he’ll be good. I honestly think he’ll be better than people think in his first season. They are a sleeper. They have sort of improved in the free agency period. And I liked their draft. Picking Tee Higgins in the 2nd round is big for their receiving core. But I don’t know why they still have AJ Green, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. They’re old and need to be traded for picks. Right now, they can surprise people. They have somewhat of an easy schedule but are in a tough division. Right now, I say that they go 6-10.

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck retired right before last season out of the blue. So they had to suddenly switch gears to Jacoby Brissett and competed for a while, but ultimately went 7-9. Now, there are improvments. At first it seemed like this offseason was a disaster. They lost Devin Funchess from their receiving group. They signed Phillip Rivers as their new Quarterback coming off the worst season of his career. But they made a lot of other moves to improve the team. They traded their 1st round pick (13th) for Deforest Buckner to improved their D-Line/Front Seven even more. They added Xavier Rhodes and TJ Carries to their Secondary. They drafted Receiver Michael Pittman Jr. in the 2nd Round of the Draft. As of now, they don’t look like they will be better than 10-6, however I do think that’s enough to win the division.

Tennessee Titans

This team went 9-7 last season and managed to squeak into the playoffs. They honestly got lucky, the Steelers collapse is why they got in. But after that, they made a shocking run to the AFC Championship. They should’ve faced Kansas City in the Wild Card Round, but the Patriots lost to the Ryan Fitzpatrick Dolphins the last week so they faced them instead. They won with scoring a single offensive point in the 2nd half, and holding the Patriots to 0 points in the 2nd half entirely. Then, they went into Baltimore and beat Apollo Creed I mean the Ravens. They went into Kansas City and blew a lead against the Chiefs. Thanks Patrick Mahomes. They went on this run after benching Marcus Mariota for Ryan Tannehil. I can’t believe Ryan played the way he did. Now Mariota is gone, and they gave Tannehil a nice juciy contract. I was surprised when they didn’t sign any of the quarterback free agents and it doesn’t look like they will sign Cam Newton. They lost Jack Conclin on the O-Line. And they traded D-Lineman Jurrell Casey, only getting a 7th round pick in return. It does seem inevitable they make one more big signing though. They seem to be the frontrunner to sign Jadeveon Clowney. And if they don’t sign him, they will sign someone else for sure. Besides, their running game almost entirely carried them throughout portions of last season including the playoffs. Derrick Henry is a beast. They went O-Line in the first round of the draft. They did have a noisy draft, but it was still good enough. 10-6 is my call for them as of right now.

Houston Texans

August 2019: 2020 3rd Round pick for RB Duke Johnson, then, Jadeveon Clowney for a 2020 3rd round pick, a much worse linebacker (who is now gone) and a bum d-lineman, then, 2020 1st Round Pick, 2021 1st round pick and 2021 2nd round pick for Kenny Stills WR and Laremy Tunsil OT. It didn’t make much sense, but they still won the division. Now, they trade the best receiver in the league, DeAndre Hopkins, for a washed up Running Back with a massive contract, David Johnson along with a 2nd round pick and 2021 4th round pick. Then they traded that 2nd round pick, for Brandin Cooks who got visibly worse last season and a 2022 4th round pick. So essentially they have traded Hopkins and Clowney, and don’t even have a first round pick this year or next year. They had a nothing draft. They didn’t do really anything else. They still have their franchise quarterback but they’ll probably trade JJ Watt next. Their future looks dreadful (aside from the QB situation). But 2020 is where we stand. Cooks and Johnson replaced Hopkins. It is a downgrade, but they are still a 9-7 team on paper. However, due to a hard schedule and tough division, I say that they go 7-9.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Heading into the 2018 season, I had them as the 1 seed in the AFC at 13-3. Now, they look poised to finish 3-13 at the bottom of the NFL. They officially tore the team down and didn’t really get anything back. They cut Marcell Darius. They traded Calais Campbell for a 5th, traded AJ Bouye for a 4th, are bound to trade Yannick Ngakoue at some point since he requested it. They are probably going to trade Leonard Fournette. They seem like they want to tank for Trevor Lawrence rather than stick with Gardner freakin’ Minshew. They tried to stay somewhat competitive. They signed Joe Schobert. They signed Tyler Eifert. But Eifert is probably trade bait too. They might trade Myles Jack, Telvin Smith. It’s entirely a mess. They’re interested in signing Cam Newton but it’s hard to say if that will happen and how long that will last for before he gets traded. If I’m them, I’m committed to Trevor Lawrence. They had 2 first round picks this year and used them on defense, and they have 2 first round picks next year. They got those extra first round picks when they traded Jalen Ramsey during the middle of last season.  As of now, it’s hard to say what kind of moves they will make from this point forward. But my current call for them is 3-13.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl Champions. Not much different. The Offense is still the same explosive unit. And they drafted new 2nd string Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire 32nd overall in the draft. They were able to re-sign Chris Jones. The front seven is still the same as last season. The problem lies in the secondary. Tyrann Mathieu is still there. But they lost Kendall Fuller which means the Cornerback situation is a little iffy. They did draft a lot of Corners in the draft, but they don’t have a clear cut #1 Cornerback now. The other problem is the schedule. It is difficult, but after all, they are better than all those tough teams that they are playing. In my mind, they are the 3rd overall team in the league and because of the Offense and the atmosphere (pending COVID-19 Pandemic) they are still a 13-3 team on paper. But due to the hard schedule and tough division, I think they go 12-4 for the 3rd season in a row.

Las Vegas Raiders

The LAS VEGAS Raiders have had a very good offseason. First of all, if Derek Carr disappoints again they now have Marcus Mariota waiting on the bench. Last season, they went 7-9. And right before the season Antonio Brown went crazy and quit. If they had a good healthy Antonio Brown they might’ve made the playoffs. They improved the Offense. They already have a strong running game with Josh Jacobs behind a now great Offensive Line. They signed Nelson Agholor to their Receiving group as their #2 Receiver under Tyrell Williams. As for the Draft, they selected Henry Ruggs III 12th overall. I thought that Jeudy and Lamb were better talents, but still not all that bad of a pick. They had 2 first round picks and 3rd round picks this year thanks to that Khalil Mack trade in August 2018. They had a very good draft. And the Defensive side of the ball drastically improved as well. They added Linebacker Cory Littleton, D-Linemen Maliek Collins and Carl Nassib. They signed Cornerback Demarious Randall and Safety Jeff Heat. Drafted right in the secondary. And some underrated moves as well. Last season, the Raiders struggled at the goal line. That’s where signing veteran Tight Ends come in. Jason Witten and Nick O’Leary are coming to Vegas. As of now, I say that they go 10-6.

Denver Broncos

After quietly improving in 2019, ending 7-9 at 2nd in the division, they have had a good Offseason. They have their Quarterback of the future in Drew Lock. The Run game was already there with Phillip Lindsay, and now they’ve signed Melvin Gordon from the rival Chargers. The Receiving core has also improved. They already had Courtland Sutton. They drafted Jerry Jeudy 15th, they went KJ Hamler in the 2nd Round. They have built a hell of an Offense around Drew Lock. As for the Defense, that improved too.  They only had to trade a 2nd Round Pick for Jurrell Casey to improve their D-Line. They have Linebacker Bradley Chubb coming back from injury. They only traded a 4th Round Pick for AJ Bouye which will boost their Secondary. Right now, I think that they go 9-7 and capture the all new 7 seed.

Los Angeles Chargers

This team has more opposing fans than Charger fans at their home games… but that isn’t directly the reason why they aren’t winning football games. Last season I said they would disappoint. They did, they went 6-10 and dropped to the bottom of the division. But 8 of their 10 losses came by just one score. The main reason for this, is because Phillip Rivers had the worst season of his career, and Melvin Gordon underperformed. Now, Rivers and Gordon are entirely gone. And They reached for Justin Herbert 6th Overall in the draft, rather than trading into the late 1st round and picking him later. Herbert might not even start, they might choose Tyrod Taylor if Herbert doesn’t have a good pre-season. But aside from all of this, the Chargers still had a pretty good offseason. They signed Nick Vigil to their Linebacker group. They signed veteran Cornerback Chris Harris from their division rival Broncos. They just added Linval Joseph to their D-Line. Bryan Bulaga improves their O-Line. And their schedule isn’t as hard as the rest of the AFC West teams since they ended last place in the division. But, the division around them just keeps getting tougher. The Super Bowl Champions are in it, and both the Raiders and Broncos drastically improved this offseason. I think they are a 9-7 team on paper, but they will go 7-9, having a hard time competing with this division.

That’s my reviews for the AFC teams. I will review the NFC teams next week, then predict the entire schedule and show my predicted standings the week after that. Nothing is permanent though, my official predictions don’t lock in until late August.

First blog in a while (Why the Jets are completely underrated)

Since the Coronavirus, we’ve been out of school. But technically everything is still happening virtually. I completely forgot about blogging, so here is my first blog back.


The Jets had the #7 defense last season, and that’s with injuries. The best middle linebacker duo in the league was injured (Mosley and Williamson). Copeland opened with a 4 game suspension. Quinnen was injured for a bit, Maye was injured towards the end and Leonard Williams got traded mid-season. Yet they still ended as the #7 defense. Next season, they have potential to be in the top 3 if they’re healthy, because they still haven’t even peaked. They drafted DE Jabari Zuniga in the 3rd round. This team was 7th in yards aloud and opponent yards per game last season, and they were 4th in points aloud. Spectacular while unhealthy, only gonna get better. As for the Offense, well, it was 32nd. But it is drastically improving. Last season, they ended last in total yards and yards per game. But there is a reason, Darnold had mono and had to skip the first quarter of the season and was obviously rusty when he came back. And when he did come back, he was under pressure over and over again. The Offensive Line was that bad. He made bad decisions, meaning bad throws and a sad amount of interceptions throughout the season, but most of those bad decisions came while he was under pressure. Pass rushers were getting to him from all angles 2 seconds after the ball was snapped. He doesn’t even require a very good offensive line. He is really really good at working the pocket, he just needs 4 seconds max to do his thing. All he needs is an okay O-Line. And the Jets have given him that. They signed Centers Connor McGovern and Josh Andrews, Guard Greg Van Roten and Tackle George Fant all to their O-Line. Plus, they drafted Offensive Tackle Mekhi Becton 11th overall.  As far as an Offense around him, they have Le’Veon Bell. He used the be the best Running Back in the league. He skipped 2018, came back in 2019 to a passing heavy offense and a bad O-Line, and still had almost 800 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. But he did really well receiving as well. He had 66 receptions for 461 yards and 1 touchdown. He fit perfectly into this Offense, and that was after skipping a season behind a bad O-Line. He’s still only 28. Next season he can be spectacular again. As for the receiving game, Darnold had a decent receiver crew last season. Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder were the main guys. But their tight end duo was mostly injured and they didn’t have much receiver depth after Quincy Enunwa got his 3rd straight season ending injury. The trade for Demaryius Thomas was sort of helpful. But Darnold was unable to throw the ball with no problems because he was ALWAYS UNDER PRESSURE. This offseason, the Jets lost Anderson and Thomas. But it’s fine. They still have Crowder, they signed 2 receivers. Breshad Perriman who ended last season really hot and Josh Doctson who is okay. In the 2nd round of the draft, they traded back and selected Denzel Mims. The top 4 spots are looking good. We can’t count on Quincy Enunwa to stay healthy, but we don’t even need him anymore. The tight end duo of Herndon/Griffin will finally play together after suspensions and injuries. Darnold doesn’t require a fantastic receiving core and fantastic offensive line. He just needs an okay offensive line because of how he works the pocket, and okay receivers because he has proven he doesn’t need good receivers when he’s on. In my opinion, he has both a good O-Line and Receiver core. And of course he’s got a star running back, and one of the leagues best defenses! This is probably the Bills division, but I know we’re much better than the Patriots and Dolphins. The Phins went 5-11 last season, but had the leagues worst roster and simply over-performed. They have improved this offseason but I don’t see them getting passed 7-9 this season. As for the Patriots, the lost BRADY! BRADY’S GONE! WE’RE FREE AT LAST BABY! The Offense is getting so much worse over there. It’s definitely worse than the Jets offense. As for the Patriots defense, that’s getting worse too. Last season they did have the leagues best secondary and #1 cornerback Stephon Gilmore. But the McCourtty brothers are getting older, and their front seven has taken some hits. I consider the Patriots an 8-8 team and Dolphins a 7-9 team. I really think the Jets will go 9-7 or better if they stay healthy and they could definitely make the playoffs now that there’s a 7 seed added as part of the playoff expansion.

NHL Rest of season predictions

There is about 1 month left in the 2019-20 NHL and NBA regular seasons. I don’t feel like doing NBA though. Here’s my final standings and playoff predictions:

Metropolitan Division:

  1. Flyers 99 -Y
  2. Capitals 98 -X
  3. Penguins 95 -X
  4. Blue Jackets 88 -W
  5. Rangers 86 -W
  6. Islanders 85
  7. Hurricanes 82
  8. Devils 73

Atlantic Division:

  1. Bruins 110 -Z*
  2. Lightning 101 -X
  3. Maple Leafs 89 -X
  4. Panthers 84
  5. Canadiens 82
  6. Sabres 76
  7. Senators 69
  8. Red Wings 42

Central Division:

  1. Blues 101 -Z
  2. Avalanche 99 -X
  3. Stars 90 -X
  4. Predators 86 -W
  5. Jets 85 -W
  6. Wild 85
  7. Blackhawks 79

Pacific Division:

  1. Golden Knights 95 -Y
  2. Oilers 91 -X
  3. Flames 88 -X
  4. Coyotes 84
  5. Canucks 82
  6. Sharks 69
  7. Ducks 68
  8. Kings 66


Bruins vs Rangers BOS in 5
Flyers vs Blue Jackets PHI in 7
Lightning vs Maple Leafs TOR in 6
Capitals vs Penguins WAS in 6
Blues vs Jets STL in 5
Golden Knights vs Predators VGK in 7
Avalanche vs Stars COL in 7
Oilers vs Flames EDM in 6

Bruins vs Maple Leafs TOR in 7
Flyers vs Capitals PHI in 7
Blues vs Stars DAL in 7
Golden Knights vs Oilers VGK in 5

Flyers vs Maple Leafs TOR in 6
Golden Knights vs Stars VGK in 5

Golden Knights vs Maple Leafs VGK in 6


I had a decent week. I jumped 730 in poker but still in 11th. I lost a football playoff game on Sunday :/ Bye

I hate everything

Fuck poker. I gained 532 today so I was doing well. Then Olive went all in with 202, I folded but if I called I would’ve won. That would have been a lot. Next, I had the biggest straight draw ever. King, Queen, 10, 9, 8, 7. If I got a Jack, I would’ve had a SEVEN CARD STRAIGHT. I played it like I did have it. Went all in. For some reason Aniyah called with a pair of queens. Of course she won all of it. Then, it was plain unluckiness as I lost another 400 to get -400 on the day. I am now in 11th out of 12th, only like 600 above Aniyah. But still only around 3400 behind Erez. One great day, or 2 very good days should pass Erez as long as he makes as little noise as he has been making recently. I still have 4 months to catch 1st. I will get there. I can take being unlucky for only a few more weeks.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day watching a Saudi Arabian WWE PPV live. It was horrendous.


Sports have been bullying me FOR THE LONGEST FUCKING TIME!

In 2011 my girlfriend BROKE UP WITH ME FOR ANOTHER GIRL!


Mad Valentine’s Day

I am not going to say Happy Valentine’s Day. I am mad so I am saying Mad Valentines Day. Why am I mad. First of all, I gained 633 in poker today and didn’t move past 10th, although I am quite close to a lot of people above me. Why else am I mad on Valentine’s Day. Here is a profane rap about it:

Yo, my name is Luca and a really fucking mad, I’m really fucking mad because today was really bad. It’s Valentine’s day and I still feel like shit, I feel like shit because I have a broken baseball mitt. In the morning I was tired like a god damn klutz, then later Iphy and Erez just kicked me in the nuts. My whole day just sucks, I don’t have any bucks, in poker I got less chips than Chuck, I’m out of fucking luck, Iphy drew Olive and it looks like a duck, I wish that things were normal but for now I’m saying “fuck”. I have taken a beating, I was caught cheating, I have lost football games after leading and in the ankle I have taken a cleating. On the street I got jumped, by an obese man I got humped, by my girlfriend I got dumped and by a riddle I got stumped. Now I’m gonna leave then go cry in my sleeve, I’ll get sick and heave and never ever achieve. Luca -2020

Alright that’s all. This week is break. Goodbye.

Super Bowl Predictions + more

I said 49ers would beat Chiefs 38-35. The Niners were up 20-10 with 12 minutes left, intercepted the football and got a 1st down in a play that kept the clock running. How they ended up losing 31-20 while the Chiefs were kneeling. It was a very good game. It was 24-20 Chiefs at the 2 minute warning and it was Niner football at the 50 mid-drive.  The first pass attempt was blocked at the line of scrimmage.  The 2nd pass attempts was nearly picked. The 3rd pass attempt was a shot. Sanders got passed the safeties, but it was still tight coverage. Jimmy barely overthrew him. On 4th, he got sacked. Then the Chiefs got a rushing touchdown. Overall a good game, I’d say a 4.25 on a 5 star scale. Fun fact: Yankees Manager Aaron Boone predicted the Chiefs to win 31-20 before the game… It is frustrating since I was rooting for the Niners all season, but whatever.

As for poker, I seemingly gained 600 but then lost it upon unluckiness. I had 2 pair and lost 400 to a flush at one point. Ended up gaining just 97, but still have time to get to the top. Will definitely do so.

R.I.P. Mamba and goodbye.

R.I.P. Kobe Bryant (Super Bowl final prediction + Royal Rumble results)

Before I start this, I need to say something: R.I.P. Kobe Bryant. One of the top 5 greatest basketball players to ever play. I have already written “RIP KB24” on my hat and wrist. Right after my football ended on Sunday, my  dad told me Kobe Bryant had just died. He said it like it was an everyday thing so I didn’t believe him. I checked the top news stories and I froze. I still can’t believe he isn’t alive anymore. He was also one of the nicest basketball players of all time. It sucked that he died at just 41. The helicopter crash was completely on the pilot in my mind as of now. But it wasn’t just him who died. His 13 year old daughter Gianna was on the plane with him, as were 7 other people that also included a 13 year old. I’m telling you right now that LeBron and the Lakers will undoubtably win the NBA Championship. The Warriors are plagued with injuries and the Lakers are obviously the best in the west riht now. LeBron will get it done. The night before Kobe died, he passed him on the all time scoring list from 3rd to 2nd. Kobe’s last tweet was congratulating him on doing it. That tweet came about 12 hours before his death. Fun fact: Kobe and his family stayed at a resort in Mexico, at the villa next to the one my cousin stayed at for his honeymoon a month later. Seriously chilling. R.I.P. Mamba, Gianna and the 7 other people who died on that plane.

As far as my Royal Rumble predictions, I got both winners wrong. I said Reigns to win the men’s and Rousey to win the women’s. Reigns was runner up to McIntyre and I did say McIntyre was likely to win. Rousey didn’t even enter, Charlotte won and I did say that she was likely too.

Now time for my final Super Bowl prediction: The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are set for the 54th big game. Super Bowl LIV is in Miami and it is set to be a shootout. The Chiefs explosive Offense will be way to much for the Niners to deal with for a 60 minute game. The Niners defense get’s fatigued relatively quick and Mahomes and Hill will just wear and tear on them. As far as the Niners offense, it is an all around system and way to good for the Chiefs defense the deal with. The Chiefs defense is not nearly great in my opinion. I have the final score 38-35. As far as the winner, it’s very tough to say. At the beginning of the season I said that the Chiefs would be the Eagles in the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the playoffs I said the Niners would beat the Ravens in the Super Bowl, now we have a Niners vs Chiefs game. I am leaning towards the Niners, but it is still a very tough call. If I had to choose, I am saying the 49ers. I am locking in that prediction. But then again, I am rooting for them to win this game. The Chiefs haven’t been in the Super Bowl for 50 years, where they beat the Vikings. The 49ers are going into their 7th. They have won 5. The last time they were in the Super Bowl was 7 years ago. They lost to the Ravens by 3 almost completing a great comeback. That was with Colin Kaepernick lol. The Niners haven’t made the playoffs for 6 years, now they went 13-3, got the 1 seed and dominated the playoffs. But the Chiefs went 12-4, got the 2 seed and also dominated the playoffs. Once again I have the 49ers 38-35. I am also rooting for the Niners. Let’s see what happens at Super Bowl LIV (54).