Last blog, summer predictions, note to self and rap.

Well this is my last blog. I lost my football playoff game last week and my baseball team is on pace to miss the playoffs. Tonight I have the 3rd place game in football against a terrible team so it should be fun. Tomorrow I have baseball with probably our last chance to make the playoffs. Here are my predictions for everything this summer:

  1. I record my Uncle getting drunk again
  2. I beat my cousin in horse, wiffle ball, around the world, basketball 1v1 and football
  3. Beat my cousin in MarioKart
  4. I improve in just about everything physically and athletically
  5. I improve in poker
  6. I gain 2.5 inches
  7. I gain 5.5 pounds
  8. I get 2x faster
  9. I end up wayyyyyyyyy taller than Hannah and Serena
  10. Xander won’t catch up to me in height neither will Doug or Tim
  11. I surpass Beth in height
  12. My mustache grows to look more stupid
  13. My hair grows longer without cutting it
  14. I get more comebacks against my friend in every sports game
  15. Just dominate everything in general
  16. Watch as Trump gets more screwed
  17. Watch as the Yankees dominate the top of their division
  18. Watch as the Jets offseason keeps getting better
  19. Watch as the Knicks get Durant
  20. Watch as the Rangers rebuild gets better
  21. Watch as the WWE gets more boring for me
  22. Watch stuff in general
  23. Come back to school

Note to self: IDK just don’t get caught stalking anyone on IG, continue to dominate everything and more, continue beating your older cousin in everything. Mario Kart, Wiffle Ball, Football, Basketball, Horse, Around the world ETC. Fall in love with a tree if lonely. Prank people. Scare people. Just flatout do it all.

Lets end this with a rap:

Ok listen up, you can call me Lusabin, I have a friend named Robin, he is robbing my bank. I’m really dank, your rap is stank, my friends dad is named Hank. I hit people with a rake, then I bake cake out of steak with my friend named Jake. Then I throw him in a lake. He drowns, evyerbody bows, I sufficate people in gowns, then I touch owls with towels and get a thumbs up from Simon Cowell. I spit rhymes with vowells, then hug a cow. How? By inviting my friend Al and his brother Sal. My raps fly high like a balloon, I’m about to end this rap soon. Here’s the end. Check it out.  I choke people with bags, I dominate that I make people gag, then wipe people with rags and on my shirt I hate tags. I also hate when my game lags. When people are jerks I call them hags. Then I make arts & crafts, hide in my shaft with William Howard Taft and then he gets stuck in the bubble bath. I do nothing every day, have a shitty job and get really low pay, my best friend Michael just admitted that he’s gay, I like farms cuz horses eat hay. That’s all I’m gonna say for today, I’m gonna go home and on my bed I’ll lay. -Luca 2019

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