Why Tom Brady MIGHT ACTUALLY BE the G.O.A.T.

I have said that Tom Brady is not the goat, but my argument made him sound terrible. I do believe he is one of the top 3 greatest of all time. I have proof, and to prove it I will be debunking all of the arguments made by people who don’t think Tom is that good. Here are  the arguments:

  1. He is a system quarterback
  2. He has Bill Belichick
  3. Matt Cassell won 11 games
  4. His defense has carried him
  5. He doesn’t hold any records
  6. Such N Such played in a tougher era
  7. Montana never lost the Super Bowl
  8. Tom Brady’s a cheater
  9. The AFC East sucks

Lets start of with the infamous “He is a system quarterback” argument. Where the haters believe that Tom Brady is a result of the Patriots base scheme. Let me ask you a simple question: If Brady is a product of the Patriots system, why don’t other teams run that system? The Patriots offensive system, is an advanced take on the Erhardt Perkins offensive scheme. A lot of other teams, before and after the Patriots dynasty were unsuccessful using this system. The Patriots used this system with Pete Carroll as head coach and Drew Bledsoe as quarterback before Brady came, and it didn’t work. Belichick came in 2000 and they went 5-11. Brady plays in the 2001 season and turns around the entire team. Brady and Bledsoe were very similar quarterbacks who had the same great coach, yet the system worked with Brady and no Bledsoe. It used to work on Bledsoe when He and Parcells went to the Super Bowl, but just barely, and when Parcells left the system wasn’t working anymore. Patriots offensive coordinators have left the Patriots and haven’t been able to duplicate the same success. Charlie Wise was unsuccessful as Offensive Coordinator before Brady came in, and then he started to become really popular after Brady came in and turned his system around. In 2005, Wise left to become the head coach of Notre Dame, a college team, and was unsuccessful. His record as Notre Dame head coach after a few years with the team, he went 41-49. Bill O’Brien was Offensive Coordinator for the Patriots in 2011. In 2011, he and the Patriots offense dominated. They finished that year 3rd in points scored. Since becoming head coach for the Houston Texans, he’s averaged 15th in points scored. His teams have made it to the playoffs because of their defense and he has barely been able to create a good and healthy offense. Josh McDaniels became Offensive Coordinator in 2005, left in 2009 to become the Broncos head coach. He only last 2 seasons as their head coach, in 2011 was Offensive Coordinator for the Rams. Then came back to the Patriots as offensive coordinator in 2012 and has been their ever since. With the Broncos he went 11-17. His offenses ranked 20th and 19th the 2 seasons he was there. With the Rams, his offense was 32nd. He was VERY unsuccessful without Brady and the Patriots. McDaniels is widely considered the next bright head coach of the league. McDaniels and Brady have 3 number 1 ratings in points, and the worst they ever finished together was 10th in points and 11th in yards.

Now the next argument will be that Tom Brady has Bill Belichick. While Bill is probably the G.O.A.T. Head Coach, that doesn’t mean he is the main reason for Tom’s success. He in some way was a product of Tom Brady. Bill Belichick actually used to be a defensive coach. He was with the Giants for 12 years and went on the become Defensive Coordinator. His defensive gameplan for Super Bowl 25 against the Buffalo Bills is in the hall of fame. He was 35-55 as head coach for the Cleveland Browns when he was there. He struggled to find a new coaching job going through short minor-coaching stints with the Patriots and the Jets. But in 2000 he became coach of Bledsoe and the Patriots using the Erhardt Perkins Offensive System. They went 5-11. The next season using the same team, system and coaching they went 11-5 with Tom Brady at the helm and won the Super Bowl.

The next argument is that Bill Belichick won 11 games with Matt Cassel. Additionally, in 2016 when Brady was suspended the first 4 games, Jimmy Garoppolo won 3 games. Well, lets look deeper into the 2008 Matt Cassell Patriots. This is a team that went 16-0 and made it to the super bowl the previous season. They broke records, dominated all year long, had an insane offense etc. Then a year later, with the same team, they go 11-5 as the offense doesn’t do nearly as good. Also, the team relied on the rushing attack. So therefore Tom Brady is the difference between 11-5 and 16-0 for this Bill Belichick led stacked team. So yes they went 11-5, BUT they went 2-4 against playoff teams, getting blown out in all 4 of those losses. Matt Cassell was a similar quarterback to Tom Brady and found success without him. In 2010, as quarterback of the Chiefs he was a pro-bowler. Additionally Jimmy G, yes he won three games but he had the best team in the league. The team that went 14-2 and dominated there way through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. Jimmy G is a good quarterback and was capable of bringing a great team to winning games. Not to mention, after Garoppolo got injured when Jacoby Brissett played game 4, they lost 16-0 to the Rex Ryan 7-9 Buffalo Bills. Essentially, the best offense in the league from start to finish got shutout with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback.

People will also say that Brady never won with bad defenses, which is also incorrect. When the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years yes they had a great defense. But because of that people say that he was carried by his defense. Incorrect. Tom Brady pulled 5 game-winning drives in those 3 Super Bowl winning postseasons. Including one in each of the Super Bowls. Years 2011 to 2015 his defense was actually not that good but they still dominated. For a quarterback like Drew Brees, a defense is the difference between a 12-4 and 7-9 season. For Brady it was the difference between winning the Super Bowl, and losing the AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl. In 2014, 2016 and 2018 the team had good defense and won the Super Bowl those years. In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 the defense wasn’t as good. It caused them to lose the AFC Title game in 2012, 2013 and 2015. In 2011 and 2017, they still came a drive away from winning the Super Bowl despite lower-ranked defenses. That is winning in my book. In the super bowls he won, lets see the amount of points his defense let up. 17 is SB36, 29 against Jake Delhomme in SB38, 21 against a puking and 3-pick McNabb in SB39, 24 in SB49, 28 in SB51 and 3 in SB53. The ones that they lost, the other team put up 17 points in SB42, 21 points in SB46 and 41 points in SB52. Brady threw for over 500 passing yards and brought the team to 33 points and still lost SB52.

The next argument is honestly the most ignorant and idiotic: He doesn’t hold any records… https://www.google.com/search?biw=1152&bih=609&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=08zVXPaKFeaO5wLCxrnADg&q=jackie+chan+wtf+face&oq=jackie+chan+wtf+face&gs_l=img.3…17358.20837..20984…1.0..1.216.2780.0j19j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0j0i67j0i10.X0HOACx5xMc#imgrc=0x_Mq7W-XB_3FM: This is insane that people say this, I’m pretty sure one of his records is most records held by an NFL Quarterback. Let me just give you a quick list of his records:

  1. Best winning %
  2. Only unanimous MVP ever
  3. Most player of the weeks and player of the months
  4. Most 4+ TD and 0 int games
  5. Most 3+ TD and 0 int games
  6. Only QB with 400 TD’s and less than 200 ints
  7. Most 500 point seasons
  8. Only QB to throw for 5 TD’s in 1 quarter
  9. Most wins in a row (21)
  10. Best TD/INT ratio in 1 season (3 in the top 10)
  11. Best TD/INT ratio for a QB with multiple rings
  12. Seasons leading league in touchdowns and least interceptions (2)
  13. Most seasons leading league in TD’s
  14. Oldest QB to lead league in TD’s
  15. Most wins ever
  16. Fastest to 400 TD’s
  17. Most division wins
  18. Best PFF grade ever
  19. Most combined SB, SB MVP and MVP wins
  20. Most playoff yards
  21. Most playoff touchdowns
  22. Highest completion percentage in one playoff game
  23. Most completions in a playoff game
  24. Most touchdowns in a playoff game
  25. Most conference title appearances
  26. Only QB to come back from 10 down in a super bowl (2) (The second being by more than 10 [25]
  27. Best record when throwing 40+ times and 50+ times
  28. 29. 30. 31. 35. 40. ETC. EVERY SUPER BOWL RECORD

There are other people who saying 80’s quarterbacks are greater because they played in a tougher era. It is correct they played in a tougher era, but that isn’t the only way of judging greatness. Yes it is reasonable to say that this era is a big reason why Brady has had more success than the 80’s greats. But another way to look at it, is how dominant you are in the era you played in. Tom Brady has dominated his era more than anyone else in their era. Tom Brady has played in the era of the AFC which included Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and loads of strong defenses, including playing against the #1 sack defense in the last 2 AFC Championship games and still winning. Tom Brady has also played in blizzards, Joe Montana and Dan Marino played in sunny climates, loads of other quarterbacks play in domes. Tom plays in the pure cold. He went to Kansas City in the freezing cold against the best offense and outscored them. Best sack defense and beat them with the ball.

Other people will say Montana is better because he was better in Super Bowls, winning all 4, 2 by blowouts against Elway and Marino, 3 against the NFL MVP and threw 0 interceptions. But Joe also went one and done 4 times in 11 years. Tom Brady has been to 9 Super Bowls in 18 years. Going one and done only twice, dominating divisional rounds and has made it to 8 straight AFC Championships.

Another argument is that Tom Brady is a cheater. Well, deflated footballs are not the reason for Tom’s success. Since the last time Tom deflated a football, he has won 3 Super Bowls. Also, deflating balls doesn’t even matter. Joe Montana said it’s a stupid rule, Aaron Rodgers said he likes balls more pumped up and it doesn’t matter how Brady wants them, Dan Marino says it’s part of the game to make your ball weigh a certain way before the game, and Drew Brees had a simple answer for if you can tell the difference between a legal ball and slightly deflated ball throughout the game: “No”. Deflated balls don’t matter. It’s not the reason for his 10 point comeback in the 14-15 Divisional game, it’s not the reason for his dominant performance in the AFC Championship game. He probably wasn’t even doing it for all that long. As far as spy-gate, that wasn’t by Tom Brady. The team did that, and maybe did that a lot throughout 10 years of their dynasty, but it barely made a difference to performance. Since they have been caught and unable to spy at a full level anymore, their team is practically the same thing as when they did. It doesn’t matter.

The funniest one is when people say that the AFC East sucks. Where are your numbers to back that up? This might surprise you, but did you know that the AFC East is actually the strongest division in football? Out of all divisions, the AFC East has the best record since 2000. Now you’ll probably say that’s because of the Patriots. That isn’t true either. If you remove division winners, the AFC East still has the best record. So combining the Jets, Bills and Dolphins, they have a better record than every other division (minus division winners) combined. The AFC East without the division winner is 395-469-0 since 2000. The Patriots have won the division every year since 2000 except 2000, 2002 and 2008. So the Jets, Bills and Dolphins are actually a stronger threat to the Patriots than any other division in football. It’s just that the Patriots make them look bad. The Patriots already have a better record against every other division in football, they dominate every year. The “AFC East sucks” argument is incorrect.

So I have just proved that Tom Brady is one of the top 3 quarterbacks of all time, if not the GREATEST. This blog post is specifically for information to debunk peoples theories as to why Tom is not the GOAT. So now you can destroy people online that try to say Tom is only good because of everything around him, and is not close to being the goat or even close to the top 5. Thank you.

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