United 93 (TPO P3)

If you haven’t read part one and part two then you should read those first. The first one “The Planes Operation” is about how the 9/11 planning went, the second one “The Doomed Planes” is about the first three planes and how they went, but I saved the fourth plane for this specific blog. It is because United 93 is a great story. United 93 was schedule for an 8:00 departure out of Newark International Airport bound for San Francisco. It takes off right now to the Trade Towers, however as we know that is not it’s target. United 93’s hijackers had a problem though: a 42 minute delay. It ended up taking off at 8:42, only four minutes before American 11 hit the North Trade Tower and right around the time United 175 was hijacked and not too long before American 77 was hijacked. If the delay took only 2 minutes longer, the people on the plane would’ve seen American 11 hit the first building. Ziad Jarrah sat in first class at seat 1B, Ahmed Al-Nami and Saeed Al-Ghamdi sat at seats 3C and 3D in first class too. Ahmed Al-Haznawi sat at seat 6B in first class as well. They all knew once they were delayed that they would face the problem of the country revolting. They knew that the plane would be hijacked after their “brothers” hit their targets. So they knew they faced the problem of being shot down. However, for whatever reason the hijackers waited a very long time. Maybe they were waiting for the flight attendant to open the cockpit door, maybe they waiting for better timing, maybe they were hungry and wanted to eat first, maybe they were confused since the fifth hijacker wasn’t there, maybe they began reconsidering because of how late the plane took off but decided to after all, maybe they got cold feet who knows. It was up to Ziad Jarrah what to do. He was the crew leader on the flight. At around 9:20 air traffic controllers began telling aircrafts “Beware cockpit intrusion two planes hit world trade center”. At around 9:25 the pilots of United 93 (Captain Jason Dahl and First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr.) got this message. Dahl was puzzled by the message and said back “Ed confirm last message please -Jason”. Lee Homer’s wife also called United Airlines to ask if her husband was okay. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) told United 93 about his wife calling in, but they never responded to that since the hijacking began just moments after. Lee Homer’s wife was pregnant with their first baby, Jason Dahl’s anniversary with his wife was the next day. A woman on that plane was newlywed on her way home. A man on that plane was going to claim the body of his stepson who died a week before… on his own honeymoon. It’s saddening to hear about this. At 9:28 is when the hijacking began. At exactly 9:28:17 United 93 transmitted a message shouting “Mayday! Ahh Mayday Mayday, Get Out Of Here! Ow!” About a minute later we heard “Mayday Mayday Get Out Of Here! Ow! We’re All Going To Die Here! Ow!” This actual recording can be heard online. It is believed that LeRoy Homer was the one who managed to shout mayday to air traffic control, and Dahl’s voice could also be heard. How the cockpit is breached is unknown. Most likely the hijackers waited until the flight attendants opened the door. It is believed that Ahmed Al-Nami and Saeed Al-Ghamdi stormed the cockpit as Ahmed Al-Haznawi sent people to the back. Then afterwards Ziad Jarrah took control. As the hijacking happened the plane went into a rapid descent. At 9:32 Ziad Jarrah tried to say something to the passengers, but wound up saying it to Air Traffic Control. The message can be heard online. Here is the transcript of what he said: “Ladies and gentlemen here: the captain please sit down. Keep remaining sitting. We have a bomb on board. So sit.” He was audibly out of breath when he said it. The CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) was recovered and recovered and recorded the last 30 minutes of the flight. The recording has never been released to the public. But the transcript is online. The recording begins from right around that first transcript to the passengers. At the beginning of the recording Ziad Jarrah can be heard fussing with Jason Dahl. Jason Dahl kept trying to touch the controls. As seen in the flight data recorder Dahl kept disengaging the auto-pilot and touching buttons. Jarrah can be heard saying stuff like “No don’t touch sit down.” Dahl can be heard moaning, obviously still alive. Homer was not heard so at this point probably killed. Many passengers and flight attendants called people and told them about the hijacking. They said they saw three men wearing red bandanas using boxcutters and knives as weapons, and also had mace and pepper spray. One of them had a bomb strapped around his waste as reported. One passenger had reported a hijacker was holding what looked to be a gun. It is believe that the bomb was fake, and if there was a gun then that was fake too. Although another passenger assured his wife that they didn’t have guns as they didn’t show them. They also expressed belief that the bomb was fake. It is believe that either Ahmed Al-Nami or Ahmed Al-Haznawi had the bomb. The reason being that flight attendant Sandy Bradshaw at one point reported “one of them is sitting in the front right now who is short with dark complexion”. It is certain she is speaking about Saeed Al-Ghamdi and didn’t say he had a bomb strapped around his waste. So it appears that they all took turns in the cockpit. In the cockpit voice recorder Ziad Jarrah can be heard calling our “Saeed” therefore proving that Al-Ghamdi was mostly in the cockpit with Jarrah helping out with the controls. At another point Jarrah can be heard saying “Jassim”. None of the hijackers had even a middle name Jassim. It is believed that the Ahmed’s were separated by nicknames and Jassim was one of their nicknames. We know that both were in the cockpit together at one point. Also in the cockpit at around 9:38 Jason Dahl is heardsaying “I don’t want to die” then went silent. Also heard was a woman shouting “I don’t want to die” and then stopped talking. This was probably Flight Attendant Deborah Welsh. A hijacker is heard saying “Everything is fine I finished”. The plane then turned completely around and Jarrah set the auto-pilot for Reagan International Airport, proving his target was somewhere in D.C. Probably the Capitol Building. Then Jarrah tried speaking to the passengers again saying “Ah here the captain I would like to ask you all to please remain seated, we have a bomb on board, and we are going back to the airport, and we have our demands, so please remain quiet.” This was transmitted to Air Traffic Control as well but is believed to also went to the passengers, because right after this on phone calls the passengers kept saying “They claim they’re going back to the airport”. But they already knew what was going on in New York because their families were telling them. They eventually found out about the Pentagon and began working a revolt plan. Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick all said they were working a plan with two other guys. All three were big and strong. Todd Beamer, Lou Nacke, Richard Guadagno were also notably big and strong. It is believe that three of the hijackers were in the cockpit during the revolt. That the one with the bomb was outside the cockpit. They began getting increasingly worried about a revolt prior to it. It’s believe that the passengers used the roller trollies as a shield as they ran up to first class. There were a lot of phone calls that captured the revolt up to the crash, on the CVR voices from the back were heard. Jarrah is heard asking a hijacker “Is there something? A fight? Yeah?” Another hijacker is heard shouting “Let’s go guys god is great I bear witness he is the only lord!” Jarrah started dangerously rocking the plane left and right and up and down to throw the passengers off balance. For a while the hijackers are heard frantically looking for things to do. Such as showing the passengers the axe they had. On the outside Tom Burnett is heard saying “In the cockpit in the cockpit.” Plates are heard smashing, there are screams in arabic from the hijacker outside the door. This is when the hijacker with the bomb was being killed. One passenger is heard saying “Roll it!” followed by noises of something (probably the roller trolly) smashing up against the cockpit door. Also heard was “In the cockpit if we don’t we die!” Jarrah is heard asking a hijacker in Arabic “Is that it, I mean, shall we finish it off?” The hijacker responded “No not yet when they all come we finish it off.” Jarrah is also heard shouting “Hold the door hold the door!” Jarrah is also heard saying “Up down up down Saeed up down!” Proving that Al-Ghamdi was also a part of the plane shaking. Eventually we hear Jarrah say once again “Is that it? I mean, shall we put it down?” Then another hijacker says “Yes put it in and pull it down” followed by “god is great”. There were shoutings of “Cut of the oxygen cut off the oxygen.” Jarrah says “Saeed!” out of nowhere at one point as well. The passengers say “Go! Go! Go! Go! Move! Move! Move!”. Jarrah is heard saying in Arabic and English “Push it down! Down down down down! Push push push!”  Then Jarrah is heard repeating “Give it to me” 8 times before proving that Al-Ghamdi had control of the plane at least for a few minutes. It is believe that the passengers breached the cockpit because the roller trolly banging stopped and the hijackers began screaming, plus the passenger voices got closer. One of the last English voices heard was “Turn it up” very calmly. Then Jarrah inverted the plane and the hijackers began shouting “God is great!” A second before impact an American English voice shouted “No!” Then the plane crashed. It’s believed that the passengers breached the cockpit and fought for the controls with Jarrah. We also know, despite the passengers not bringing this up on phone calls, that there was a small jet pilot and former air traffic controller on the airplane. We also know that the fighter jets were close to the plane but probably wouldn’t have shot it down in time. The closest the hijackers were to a possible target was Camp David. The Capitol Building was probably their target (as claimed by Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi Yusef) and the building was being aggressively evacuated after the Pentagon was hit by Flight 77. The White House wasn’t being evacuated as much and everyone was being moved down to the bunker in the basement. That is the story of Flight 93.

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