The Doomed Planes (TPO P2)

If you haven’t read my first blog on this, then you should. It’s called “The Planes Operation”. It was the 9/11 planning. Now, is the actually planes hijackings. Ok so here we go.

19 terrorists boarded American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and United Airlines Flight 93 respectively. 5 hijackers on the first 3, 4 on the fourth. American 11 was coming out of Boston Logan International en route to Los Angeles, California. United 175 was also coming out of Logan headed to Los Angeles. Both planned to leave at 8:00 AM. Both following the same route. American 77 was taking off from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. at 8:10 AM bound for Los Angeles as well. United 93 was coming out of Newark New Jersey International at 8:00 AM bound for San Francisco. In fact, Newark International is right across the Hudson River, therefore you can see the World Trade Center from there.

Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz Al-Omari both boarded American 11 together. Sitting at 8D and 8G in business class. The Al-Shehri brothers and Al-Suqami came together and boarded at different seats. The Al-Shehri brothers at 2A and 2B in first-class and Al-Suqami sat at 10B in business class. On United 175, Fayez Banihammad and Mohand Al-Shehri boarded seats 2A and 2B in first-class. Marwan Al-Shehhi, Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Ahmed Al-Ghamdi later met up and boarded as well. Al-Shehhi at business-class seat 6C and the Al-Ghamdi brothers sat at business class seats 9C and 9D. The American 77 hijackers had a hard time getting through security, as there is footage of them being closely scanned but with nothing found. Hani Hanjour sat at seat 1B in first class. Nawaf and Salem Al-Hazmi sat at 5E and 5F in first-class, while Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Majed Moqed sat at seats 12A and 12B in business-class. Al-Haznawi and Al-Ghamdi boarded around the same time. Al-Ghamdi sat at seat 3D in while Al-Haznawi sat at seat 6B. A minute later Al-Nami joined Al-Ghamdi sitting at seat 3C. Then, Jarrah called his girlfriend Aysel Senguen and repeated the  words “I love you” three times before boarding the flight at 1B. All 4 hijackers were seated in first-class.

American Airlines Flight 11 then took off at 8:02, right around it’s scheduled departure. The other 3 were not yet up in the air. It is known that the hijacking didn’t start when the seatbelt sign went on. It is instead excpected that they began preparation when the seatbelt sign went on. Listening to ATC radio transmissions, it’s known that American 11 hijacker probably began at 8:14, right when United 175 took off. It was reported by flight attendants from that plane that it was being hijacked by men seated in 8D, 8G and 10B, plus the cockpit door was broken down by someone else up in the front. Flight Attendant Amy Sweeney said that they were Arab, and one (probably Atta) told her to send everybody to the back in very good English. She also said that one showed her a bomb strapped around his waste. It’s believed that either Al-Omari or Al-Suqami had the bomb. It was reported that the number 1 and purser were stabbed (flight attendants Barbera Asteregui and Karen Nelson). It was also reported that a man sitting in 9B got his neck sliced (identified as Daniel Lewin). Lewin actually spent time in Israel and understood Arabic. He was also the most equipped to repel the assault. He might have heard the hijackers talking to each other but didn’t tell a flight attendant because it was too risky. It’s likely he tried to intervene but was unaware that one was right behind him. It is most likely that Al-Suqami had stabbed him. As for the Al-Shehri brothers, they were most likely up and in the cockpit. They knew how to put a plane on auto-pilot. It is believed that they killed the flight attendants to get the keys to the cockpit. Because any other way in would’ve been reported by the flight attendants. Karen Nelson wasn’t actually killed, but Amy Sweeney said that Barbara Asteregui was probably not going to make it. She also said that Daniel Lewin was probably dead. The Pilots were probably killed very quickly. At 8:14 they were requested to turn 20 degrees right and acknowledged, however right after that they were ordered to raise to flight level 3,500, and didn’t respond. Atta was likely escorted to the cockpit by Al-Omari. Mace was believed to have been sprayed in business class. Afterwards, all five men barricaded themselves in the cockpit. Atta took the controls, found the hudson river and turned south in order to follow it to New York City. Mohammed Atta turned the transponder off and made three attempts to tell the passengers to stay in their seats, however they were all transmitted to ATC. It became obvious that the planes were hijacked down at Air Traffic Control, but fighter jets weren’t up in the air until right around when Flight 11 was already over New York City. At exactly 8:46 AM, American 11 crashes into the World Trade Center 1, around the time United 175 was hijacked and United 93 took off. American 77 had already taken off at 8:20 AM and United 93 was on a massive delay. United 93 took off next to the trade towers at 8:42, right before American 11 hit it. If United 93 had waited 4 more minutes, it would’ve seen American 11 hit the world trade center. It is also estimated that United 175 was hijacked between 8:42 and 8:46 AM. It is believe that Mohand Al-Shehri and Fayez Banihammad immediately kicked down the cockpit door and killed the pilots. Funny enough, the United 175 pilot had seen American 11 and reported that they were aware of the hijacking as well. All that was reported was that a flight attendant and passenger were stabbed up in the front. That 2-3 men kept coming to the back of the plane and one of them had a bomb strapped around his waste. It is believe that Al-Shehri and Banihammad killed the pilots and turned on auto-pilot as the Al-Ghamdi brothers began aggressively sending people to the back. The Al-Ghamdi brothers probably stood up into two seperate isles to do so. It’s believe that Hamza Al-Ghamdi probably escorted Marwan Al-Shehhi to the front. As far as the killings, it’s possible that a passenger and flight attendant were in Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Al-Shehhi’s way in the front, so Al-Ghamdi brought it upon himself to kill both. It is believed that one of the Al-Ghamdi brothers had the bomb strapped around his waste and that they were two of the three continuously coming to the back. There were no reports of Al-Shehhi telling the passengers anything, all that we know is when he took control he had shut the transponder off and turned east towards New York City. More phone calls were made from that plane than American 11. They started to find out about the north tower being hit by a plane, and revealed that they had been considering storming the cockpit to take the plane back. However before they could, they were already taking massive dives towards the tower. At 9:00 Davin Brian Sweeney revealed that a flight attendant had just been stabbed and people were throwing up from the planes “Jerky Movements”. At one point he said “My god, my god” a lady screamed, and the call disconnected. It is believed that it was because they were taking a massive dive as seen on the ATC altitude tracking. At exactly 9:03:04 it hit the South World Trade Tower. Prior to this, American 77 had been hijacked between 8:51 and 8:54. There were not many calls made from the airplane, but one flight attendant reported that everybody including the pilots were sent to the back of the plane by 6 men. It is now known that only five men did the hijacking. Al-Mihdhar and Moqed probably sent people to the back while the Al-Hazmi brothers forced a flight attendant to open the door to the cockpit. Hanjour then took the controls of the aircraft. Then, all five men remained inside of the cockpit. They turned East, and once they had the Pentagon in sight, they decided to take a dangerous full turn. All the way around. It then hit the western wall of the Pentagon at 9:37, at full speed. There are recordings of the plane hitting the building, but it is only shown online at 1 frame per second. The U.S. government decided to do this because they didn’t want a recording of a secure building being hit by a plane online. United 93 is the final plane hijacked, but I will blog about it next week. That story in it’s own right is very interesting.

I also have my first football game tonight and first baseball game on Saturday, plus a friend sleeping over for WrestleMania 35. I won’t be posting my predictions on my blog this week.

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