Every New England Patriots postseason game winning drive (of 2000’s dynasty)

  1. VS Raiders 2001-2002 Divisional Game
  2. VS Rams 2001-2002 Super Bowl (36)
  3. VS Titans 2003-2004 Divisional Game
  4. VS Panthers 2003-2004 Super Bowl (38)
  5. VS Eagles 2004-2005 Super Bowl (39)
  6. VS Chargers 2006-2007 Divisional Game
  7. VS Ravens 2011-2012 AFC Championship
  8. VS Ravens 2014-2015 Divisional Game
  9. VS Seahawks 2014-2015 Super Bowl (49)
  10. VS Falcons 2016-2017 Super Bowl (51)
  11. VS Jaguars 2017-2018 AFC Championship
  12. VS Chiefs 2018-2019 AFC Championship
  13. VS Rams 2018-2019 Super Bowl (53)

Here are some 4th quarter game leading drives from postseason games not won

  1. VS Colts 2006-2007 AFC Championship
  2. VS Giants 2007-2008 Super Bowl (42)
  3. VS Eagles 2017-2018 Super Bowl (52)

Of these, there were some with loads of controversy. But one thing will always stay the same, the New England Patriots have pulled 16 4th quarter lead-taking drives in the postseason since 2001, 13 of which were won. That to me, no matter how many scandals surrounded them, are the clutchest teams of all time.

The one against Oakland had a problem. While down 13-10 with 2 minutes left, Tom Brady fumbled the ball. However, this was incorrectly called an incomplete pass. Infamously known as the tuck rule play. So he got another chance. While the game should have ended at this point in Raiders favor, you still cannot deny the greatness of this drive. With the blizzard coming at them, they got into field goal range. Then, the 45-yard field goal by Adam Vinateri, with the blizzard snow coming at him, is good. Next the Patriots get the ball in Overtime, and pull of an incredible drive into field goal range once again, and Vinateri again nails a field goal. This time from 28 yards out. Afterwards, Brady got injured in the AFC Championship game and Drew Bledsoe came in and won it for the Patriots. Drew Bledsoe is the same man Brady replaced due to injury earlier in the season. Heading into the Super Bowl, Coach Bill Bellichick made a tough decision of who to start in Super Bowl 36, and wound up choosing Brady and getting rid of Bledsoe in the offseason. Many people consider this could’ve gone differently if the tuck rule play was called correctly. Many people say the Raiders wouldn’t have fired Gruden in the offseason, and so much more including affecting the next Super Bowl. The Patriots stole plays from the Rams playbook (illegally) heading into Super Bowl 36. But still, with 2 minutes and way backed up tied at 17, the Patriots drove down field and kicked a 50+ yard field goal to win the game. This season is a big example of how things are easier for New England all the time. I have posted something in the past on why Tom isn’t the real G.O.A.T. and Joe Montana is. I will post something like that up again next week probably.

Also it’s my moms birthday.

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