I’ve gotten back into Geometry Dash and making massive progress on Forest Temple, Supersonic and Rupture. If I beat any of those, that would be the hardest demon I have ever beaten. I am working on a level as well. My own Nine Circles level called Paradigm Circles, with the song Paradigm Shift by Xtrullor. Currently in Geometry Dash, the hardest level is Bloodlust, followed by Crimson Planet and Catharsis. Here is my list for hardest upcoming demons:

  1. Innards
  2. Orochi
  3. The Apocalyptic Trilogy
  4. Corruption Z
  5. Sonic Wave Infinity
  6. Cosmic Cyclone
  7. Renevant
  8. Woodkid
  9. Ouroborus
  10. Paradigm Circles (My level!!!)

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