What if the New England Patriots never got referee help and cheated.

Heading into the 2000’s the New England Patriots were 0-2 in super bowls, 0-1 before Robert Kraft became the owner. But then in the 2000’s they got Head Coach Bill Bellichick and Quarterback Tom Brady. Now, they are 5-5 in Super Bowls. About to be in their 11th. Brady and Bellichick having been in 9 super bowls and winning 5 is more than the record for both of their positions. Here is what would’ve happened if there was no cheating or ref help along the way.

In 2001 when he became starter after a Drew Bledsoe injury, he brought them to a 1st round bye. The Patriots faced the Raiders and won, Steelers and won and then won the Super Bowl against the Rams. However, they stole the Rams plays heading into that Super Bowl. The game against the Raiders ended on a bad call. So lets say that the bad call in the game against the Raiders HADN’T happened. The Super Bowl would probably be the Rams beating Raiders. Leading to Jon Gruden keeping his job the next season and winning the Super Bowl with the Raiders rather than the Buccaneers.

In 2002, the Patriots would have kept Bledsoe for the Pre-Season in a battle for starting Quarterback, rather than releasing him before the season. Since Brady had a down season, halfway through Bledsoe would have taken over as the starting quarterback.

In 2003, it would be another pre-season battle, Bledsoe would win but then be benched halfway through the season. Without the Patriots spying on teams throughout the season, they would not make it to and win the Super Bowl against the Panthers. Instead the Colts would make it to the Super Bowl and beat the Panthers.

In 2004, Tom Brady would have a breakout season, surprisingly leading the Patriots to the Super Bowl. In real life he did not get the MVP award, but because Peyton Manning would win the super bowl the previous season, he would not be MVP again. So it would be Brady after a dominate regular season and defeating the Colts and Steelers in the playoffs. However they would not win the Super Bowl because they don’t spy on the Eagles, therefore the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

2005 and 2006 happen as originally happened.

In 2007 the Patriots don’t spy on every single team therefore go 13-3 rather than 16-0. But Brady still gets NFL MVP and he and Moss break records. They will still get to the Super Bowl. Like in real life Rivers will still not overcome Brady. But Brady still loses the Super Bowl to the Giants.

In 2008 Brady will still get injured. Matt Cassel will still come in and bring to 11-5 just missing the Playoffs.

In 2009, Brady and Cassel battle in the Pre-Season for the starting spot. It is ultimately won by Brady.

In 2010, Brady and Cassel have another pre-season battle after the 10-6 2009 season. Brady wins the job and does very well. However Brady does not win NFL MVP like in real life.

In 2011, Brady has a career year again. This year he gets NFL MVP. He faces the New York Giants in the Super Bowl again and loses just like in real life.

In 2012 and 2013 they go as like in real life and he begin contemplating retirement after those seasons.

In 2014 they do not deflate balls and have kind of a down regular season, so they enter the Playoffs the 2 seed rather than the 1 seed. Denver is the 1 seed. So the Patriots play the Colts in the Divisional round rather than AFC Title game and like in real life, destroy them.  They play the Ravens in the AFC Title game after they upset the Broncos. Because of no ball deflation, the Ravens shock them and get back to the Super Bowl. Also in the NFC, there is no bad call in Cowboys vs Lions so the Lions win and face the Packers rather than the Cowboys with that no-catch call. So Green Bay beats Detroit and face Seattle anyway. No Brandon Bostick mistake = no Seattle victory. Green Bay goes to the Super Bowl. Green Bay and MVP Rodgers defeats the Baltimore Ravens. Brady is down to his last straw, next major playoff devastation, he’s gone. He will be done trying to win a Super Bowl.

In 2015 he has a good season and they make it to the AFC Title game against Denver but their defense carries the team and win the game. Brady does not consider this devastating.

In 2016 he plays amazingly, and comes runner up to Matt Ryan in the MVP award battling. He makes it to the Super Bowl. Both them and Atlanta in it are red hot. Brady has made it obvious that this is pretty much his last game, win or lose. He knows he’ll be 40 the next season. And with no Atlanta screwup, Brady can’t come even close in a comeback. It’s destruction. Brady retires a 4 time AFC Champion and a 0 time SB Champion. Winning 3 MVP awards.

So Brady retires a Jim Kelly, considered by many as only successful because of the Bellichick system, team and conference. But however, because of all of his last drive comebacks, is still considered by many as a hall of famer. Others say he is not and Bellichick is the hall of famer. The end of this Tom Brady travesty.

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