Comeback Story

Back around October, I was playing a football video game with my friend called Madden NFL 19. I wanted to do a comeback, so I gave him a 35-0 lead. Perfect story, losing 35 at halftime and win. So he gets the ball at the half and just runs it. I stop him, get a touchdown so it’s 35-7 with 10 mins to go in the third. I stop him again when he did some passing plays, and scored again to make it 35-14. He kicks a field goal, 38-14. I get a touchdown, 38-21. So I am very hopeful. But at the very end of the Third Quarter… he gets a touchdown:/. 45-21. So I’m losing 24 getting the ball at the beginning of the fourth, meaning I need three touchdowns, all with 2-point conversions. Very doable, but hard. So I get TD #1 with 10 mins left in the game, with the 2-point conversion failing :/. The game is essentially over. Down three scores (18), with 10 minutes left all he has to do is run the ball and make my drives slow, it’s impossible for him to lose this as long as he does everything correctly.  But he does a pass play… I knew he was audibling, and I guessed it would be a slants play. I was right. Then and there, he was screwing  up and I knew if I intercept  it the game will be in my hands, because of his screwup. I picked it, and right then and there, I knew I was going to come all the way back to tie the game. So I immediately kicked a field goal, shortening the lead to 15 with 10 minutes left. All because he didn’t run the football. Anyways I stop him, get the ball back, score, kick the extra point succesfully, shortening the lead to 8. A one possession game here. I stop him yet again. I get the ball and with 2:02 left in the football game I score. I successfully get the 2-point conversion to tie it. 45-45. But the problem has come across. It’s his time for momentum. I can’t stop him at ALL. He gets into field goal range. I want to use timeouts so I have time after his field goal, so I use one and then he gets a first down. The smart thing for him is to run, kick a field goal, and give me 40 or less seconds. Instead I know he wont, so even after telling him that I’m letting him score, he scores. He accidentally clicks 2-point conversion. So he calls a timeout. Then he accidentally clicks 2-point conversion again so he performs a 2pt and I stop him. 6-point game, a td essentially wins it. 55 seconds left. I drive, poor clock management and do no huddles/spikes. So there are 12 second sleft and I’m at my own 47. I do a quick in-route and call a timeout. Do another quick in-route and call a timeout. Next thing I know I’m at his 39 with 3 seconds left. I can only shoot for the end-zone. So rather than the recommended hail marry, I do a specific play hoping it will work. I then see the defense, and I think to myself “Oh my god”. He is lined up poorly,  I don’t even need to audible. So I run the play, more nervous and terrified than ever. I see my tight end run wide open towards the end-zone, so hoping for the best I fire it to him, anxiously. He catches it and in the end-zone he goes!!!!!!!! I was tense and when he got in I screamed. The extra-point was hit, I screamed, and he walked into the other room. 52-51 the final score. My friend is coming over for the weekend again, so I will try the 38-0 or 40-0 comeback. Lets see if it goes well.

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