Answer these 17 Political Questions and I can place you exactly which party/group you fit

Q1: What is your stance on Climate Change?

A. Caused by Global Warming and very important

B. Caused by Global Warming but we are past preventing it and need to adapt

C. A part of earth cycles going through puberty and we will adapt

D. It is a hoax, there is no such thing as Climate Change, the earth always does this

Q2: What is the biggest issue in America today?

A. Climate Change

B. The Economy

C. The Healthcare Situation

D. Jobs fleeing from America

Q3: Which of these is more important?

A. Dealing with Climate Change

B. Lowering Taxes

C. Providing Education

D. Raising the Minimum Wage

Q4: What is your stance on our President?

A. He is Making America Great Again

B. He is a travesty, and needs to be Impeached

C. I am not too fond on how he is doing

D. I am fine with how he is doing, just don’t like HIM

Q5: Who did you, or would have voted for in 2016?

A. Donald Trump

B. Hillary Clinton

C. Didn’t/Wouldn’t have voted

D. Third Party/Independent Candidate

Q6: Would you vote to Re-Elect President Trump in 2020

A. Absolutely

B. Absolutely Not

C. It depends on the Democratic Candidates

D. It depends on the rest of his Presidency

Q7: What is your stance on Abortion?

A. It’s murder and should be banned

B. You should only be aloud if raped

C. It is the woman’s choice

D. I don’t care at all

Q8: What is your stance on Marriage?

A. I am a huge supporter for Gay Marriage

B. It is only for a man and a woman

C. Gay Marriage is fine, but they shouldn’t be aloud to have kids

D. Gay Marriage is fine for me

Q9: What is your stance on Education?

A. The Common Core is too much for kids

B. The Common Core is a disaster money-wise

C. The Common Core needs work

D. The Common Core is perfect

Q10: What should we do about Illegal Immigration?

A. Build a wall

B. Create more border patrol

C. Create stricter border rules

D. Leave them be

Q11: What should we do about jobs?

A. Work on stopping illegal immigration

B. Fight against China to get our jobs back

C. Enforce rules to job managers to not give jobs to illegal immigrants.

D. Lower Taxes 

Q12: What system of taxation do you support?

A. Raise on the rich and lower on the poor

B. Raise on the rich because we’re in debt

C. Lower on the rich to create more jobs

D. No Taxes, ever.

Q13: What should we do with Minimum Wage?

A. Continue to gradually raise it

B. We’ve raised it enough, lower it

C. We’ve raised it enough, keep it the same

D. Immediately make it 15$ an hour almost everywhere in America

Q14: Which of these should the President stop?

A. The Affordable Care Act

B. The Common Core

C. Tax Breaks on the upper-class

D. Minimum Wage raising around America

Q15: Which President was the U.S. Congress mostly unfair to?

A. Bill Clinton

B. George W Bush

C. Barack Obama

D. Donald Trump

Q16: What should we do with the Healthcare?

A. Continue using the ACA as it originally was

B. Work on making the ACA better

C. Get the ACA abolished by making it worse and getting it removed then replace it

D. Get a completely new plan

Q17: Who’s fault is the Economy, Healthcare and Jobs?

A. Donald Trump

B. Barack Obama

C. George W Bush

D. Everybody

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