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The Yankees lost ;,,( Stanton swung at dirt pitches and Sanchez should’ve hit a home run off of that terrible pitch and Torres slipped on the base path last second. Those were the three outs against Kimbrel after 4 pitch walks and hit by pitches. It sucks because Kimbrel practically blew it. Now after being one win away from the World Series last year we couldn’t get back this year. There is always next year to look forward to. The night before we lost 64-1 to Boston. We had 100 wins and Boston had 8 more. We were number 3 in all of baseball, better than any of the battleground NL teams by far.

The Jets won last week. I didn’t do baseball. I had football but we played a stack to who want to put of 60 points a game. That’s their goal. Maybe even 70. The final score was 64-0, the last week they beat the Blue team 62-0. We are playing the blue team now. The first week we played the Green Team and lost 28-19 in a close game. Forget about the game vs the Black team nobody is going to stop them from at LEAST gaining 40 points.

My aunt threw away my cousin’s (her son) stuffed animal in February of last year because he was (outgrowing it). He was 17 when she threw him out. Now, turning 19 in December, I got one of them back. I found the bigger one online, double the size he originally was. I am haunting her with text messages and going to bring the stuffed animal at Thanksgiving when we visit. She is going to be pissed.

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