Reviewing my summer

At one point in June we were getting our floors redone, so we were living somewhere else for 2 weeks. During this time, we were getting loaded with visitors. One of them, my mom’s cousin got in a big argument and mad rant with an Authentic Avis Douchebag and I caught some of this on camera. Next, I went to New Jersey for my cousin’s graduation party, in which my uncle (his father) got insanely drunk at started screaming to “Love is all you need” ruining the beatles song, I caught it on camera. After that he fell down (not on camera) leaving me laughing in the bathroom for 5 minutes straight. I unwillingly went to Coney Island at one point with my cousins, my friend was pissed due to being very bored and didn’t want to hang out with our other friend due to being impossible to hang out with. He was asking me “When you returning from Coney Sh*t F*ck” on texts. He overall hangs out with me because I am ‘funny and useful’. Sometimes I say really dumb things that makes him laugh, other times I’m smart and help him get a girlfriend through text. He lost her in 3 months despite destiny leading them after being in the same 5th grade class. Me him and our other impossible friend played the penis game in public. The penis game is where one person says the word penis quietly, another says it louder, another says it louder, all the way up until we scream it. Next, I went to Maine for a wedding. I did my best to record the drunk people. I also recorded the father of the groom looking at his phone while his son is slow dancing with his honey (bride). I had bad situations there as well physically as it was my worst summer physically but the situation I had in Miane is TMI (Too Much Information). No not STD’s. After that my dad went to Cali as me and my mom went to New Jersey. They judged us pretty much the entire time but it’s okay, me a big boy and my mom doesn’t care. We could judge back but they are the type who would just kick us out. Sometimes he screams (drunk or not drunk) and get’s pissed when I scream. He got drunk at started screaming absurdities at one point. The most disappointing part was when I was waiting to use the men’s room with women in there doing makeup. It was a single room and I heard women’s laughter from inside there. It was disrespectful, dishonorable, incomprehensible and unacceptable. I was on and off with rashes throughout this trip. I have finished reviewing my befungleton summer. Bye.

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