Final Blog.

Today is my official final blog. First I will post an update then do what I did last year for my final blog.

I have football round 2 tonight. We won last week. The kid on their team was a sore loser and tackled our guy. We were up, lost the lead, then got it back. They had 4 goal line plays and failed. With under 2 minutes we only had to try and knock the time out. We were up a touchdown and got the game winning one. But when our guy caught it the kid on their team knocked him over. He had been flagged earlier for saying to someone on our team “I will knock you flat out”. Now he pops one of our guys at the end of the game so I bet he will get a suspension. I would not be able to believe it if he doesn’t.

In my baseball we played the same team. This week was different. It was a closer game. The other team had two of their three coaches get tossed out. It was close until they scored tons of runs in the end.

Here is the best part:

1 to the 2 to the 8 to the 4, James looks very poor. 7 to the 6 to the 5 to the 5 James likes to dive. To the 8 lakes he dive in 7 people said hi. 1 to the 100 to the 9 to the ass he plays bass and speaks German 7 sounds like German so 7.

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