The NHL Stanley Cup Final is Vegas and Washington. They split the first two games in Vegas. While in the NBA Finals I got it right that it would be Cleveland and Golden State once again. The Warriors won the first game at home in Oakland. Game 3 in the cup is tonight in Washington D.C. Sunday marks NBA Finals game 2 in Oakland once again. I am still calling Washington to win the cup in 5. I say Cleveland wins the finals in 6 still.

Tonight I have football playoffs. We are the 2 seed playing the 7 seed yellow team. The Yellow team is actually quite good though, their best player told me they were winning the championship earlier in the season. He overrated their team, but they aren’t the second worst team. A dad of the 4th seed team says they are the second worst. The first worst is obviously last seeded green team in an otherwise fair league this season.

I have baseball on Saturday in which we were blown out last week at a farther place.

Happy June 1st.

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