Ok so NHL cup final is actually Knights vs Caps. I was right about the Caps, wrong about the Knights. I think it will be Caps in 5 over the Knights in the final.

In NBA the Warriors and Cavs can both end up in the finals for the 4th straight year, however they are on the verge of being eliminated. Boston is 3-2 on Cleveland and Houston is 3-2 on Golden State. Though I do predict both to comeback and win the series in 7. I am going with the same finals, this time Cavs win in 6.

My Yankees are doing well, second in the divison, second in MLB. So many rain outs.

Last week we won in football. Baseball was another rain out. It could be another rain out this week too, though it doesn’t look like it. Tonight we have scrimmages in football and then the playoffs. We had to forfeit a few games due to players not showing up, one of them was against the worst team. We have been winning though.

That’s all.

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