NHL and NBA playoff update.

NHL Playoffs have been phenomenal. The Knights have a 2-1 series lead against Winnipeg. Game 4 will be in Vegas. Winnipeg despite not having the spot Vegas had in their division had the better record so home ice advantage. Vegas have been shocking everyone and have a 2-1 series lead heading into Vegas once more. My pick: Winnipeg in 7. The Lightning and Capitals have been very odd. Washington won the first 2 in Tampa Bay. They took a 2-0 lead into Washington. But Tampa does what they’ve been doing in previous years in the playoffs… lose at home and win on the road. They won the next 2 making the series 2-2. Now that’s the score heading back to Tampa. For me, whoever wins this game wins the series. I’m literally going with the away team winning the rest of the way. Caps in 7. In the final I say Caps win over Jets in 6.

In the NBA it is the same thing. Warriors and Cavs are on the verge of going to their 4th straight finals. It is once again Warriors vs Rockets and Cavs vs Celtics. The Celtics and the Rockets have the better record… the Rockets and Warriors are tied at 1 a piece, while the Celtics have a 2-0 lead on the Cavs. I say the Cavs and Celtics end up splitting these games in Cleveland, in which Cleveland fights hard. Then Cleveland hosts a 3-1 comeback for the win. I see the Warriors and Rockets splitting the games in Oakland… then the Warriors win in Houston then back at home for the 4-2 win. In the Finals I got the Warriors and Cavs splitting in Oakland… then after the Warriors win in Cleveland, the Cavs win out for the 4-2 win.

That’s all, the Yankees have had 4 days off due to rain right in their hot streak. So that sucks. NFL offseason isn’t that interesting. I have football tonight, baseball tomorrow. We’ll probably report what happens next week blog.

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