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NHL Playoffs is in Round 3. The Knights are playing the Jets and the Bolts are playing the Caps.

The Jets shocked everybody getting passed Nashville. The Knights are a freakin’ expansion franchise in their first season. No one is surprised by the Bolts getting here. The Caps came as a shock though since they usually lose playoff games. The past 2 seasons they lost to the Penquins. Now they finally beat them. So who wins the cup?

I pick the Jets over the Knights. The Jets have been quite shocking and are the underdogs of the playoff. They weren’t even supposed to beat the Wild despite their home ice and way better record. They are like the Senators last season who played with pride and passion. Can they make it? Many say they are not ready yet like the Sens last season. But the thing is the Sens faced the Pens. The Jets are facing the Knights. The Vegas Golden Knights are a freakin’ expansion franchise in their first season. The Knights are the better team, but even less ready because it is season freakin’ 1 for them. Some people say that they are proven wrong and are taking the Knights all the way, but I say no way. I will never have the Knights the rest of the way. Jets by 6 is my pick.

The Bolts and Caps will be a good series. Caps used to NEVER get passed the first round. If they did they would be a threat. But now have dominated the regular season and have gotten passed the first round the passed few years. However, they have not gotten passed the second round. 2 straight seasons they dropped to the Pens who they had the better record than. Now they have gotten past Pittsburgh and made it look rather easy. The Bolts were predicted to dominated last season, injuries ruined them though. This season they were back and dominated. They lost overall first place and almost didn’t get the division. Instead, they won the division by a point ending up the best team in the conference. Ending 3rd in the NHL all together. The Bolts have been picked to win the final by many people. I take the Bolts in this here series. I do have somewhat of a feeling the Capitals will win, but despite how right my feelings always are, I’m taking the Bolts. My gut tells me the Caps have been waiting patiently and the Bolts are about to collapse, but I HAVE to go with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 over the Washington Capitals.

So there it is, my 3rd round predictions.

NBA Playoffs round 3:

Warriors vs Rockets, Cavaliers vs Celtics

Same freakin’ thing, will be the same freakin’ result. Warriors and Cavs will make the finals the 4th straight season and the Cavs will win. Lots are saying the Warriors will repeat, but I say it will be the same order continuing.

MLB is awesome right now. Every game my New York Yankees bullpen blows it, then the offence comes back and wins it. Last night same things were happening against Boston, we were down 4-0 thanks to the starting pitcher. Came back in the 7th to tie it at 4. Then Betances gives up a home run. The Yankees have come back from this many times. I thought for sure NYY would get the lead in the bottom of the 8th. Instead we lost somehow to Kimbrel the closer. We are freakin’ closer killers.

Thats all. I have football tonight, I have done well in hitting practice for baseball which I have on Saturday, Bye.

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