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I am watching WWE as I speek. It is live in Saudi Arabia. This is called the “Greatest Royal Rumble” event. There was one earlier this year called Royal Rumble which includes the 30-man Royal Rumble and 30-woman Royal Rumble match. There were a few 40man matches in the past. This year marked the first ever Woman’s RR. But they want a special event in Saudia Arabia which includes the first ever 50-Man RR match, Triple H vs John Cena, Undertaker in a casket match, 7 Championships. Absolutely awesome.

NHL Round One is over. My predictions for Round 2:

Nashville over Winnipeg in 6

San Jose over Vegas in 7

Tampa Bay over Boston in 7

Pittsburgh over Washington in 6


So far the Sharks lost game one to Vegas 7-0 so….. interesting.

I got football tonight and would blog about it, but I gotta cut this blog short.

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