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NHL 2018 Playoffs is happening, Sharks and Knights are confirmed for round 2. But I will be showcasing my predictions from before round 1 began.
Nashville beats Colorado in 4
Minnesota beats Winnipeg in 6
Vegas beats Los Angeles in 6
San Jose beats Ducks in 6
Tampa beats New Jersey in 6
Boston beats Toronto in 7
Washington beats Columbus in 7
Pittsburgh beats Philadelphia in 6
So far I got San Jose and Vegas winning right, they sweapt though, (quite shockingly).  Nashville currently is up 3-1 on Colorado. Winnipeg is leading Minnesota 3-1 against my prediction. Tampa has New Jersey where they want them 3-1.  One more win and my prediction is EXACTLY right. Boston has Toronto 3-1. The games Boston have won have been dominant though. Washington and Columbus are tied at 2 right now. It is close as I predicted. Finally, Pittsburgh has Philadelphia 3-1.
A quite good playoff so far. Many people had the Ducks winning and the Sharks sweapt them. San Jose have been a VERY good playoff team over the years. They have been so underrated since they became the 4th team to blow a 3-0 series lead in 2014 against the Kings. With the Kings experience, and the Knights being an expansion, people said LA would beat Vegas. I said otherwise, and against all odds Vegas sweap ’em.
Now NBA playoff predictions.
So far we are about 3 games in and no teams have advanced. So here the predictions are.
Rockets beat Wolves in 4
Warriors beat Spurs in 7
Blazers beat Pelicans in 6
Thunder beat Jazz in 5
Raptors beat Wizards in 5
Celtics beat Bucks in 4
Sixers beat Heat in 7
Cavs beat Pacers in 5
It’s obvious no matter what it will be Cavs vs Warriors again. I say it will be Cavs winning again. in 6.
I have football tonight. We dominated last week. I didn’t get my moment, but I did the week before. I wanna get my moment tonight so badly, I ALMOST got it last week. But before I get my moment I wanna get the win, we have to dominate again. Whoever we’re playing, because we proved we are fully capable of. Thanks and bye.

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