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So I know I am on the Blue Team in Football but I don’t recognize my coaches name as I know none of my coaches names. 2 coaches were fighting over me last week. One of them was my last season coach. I saw a kid Seamus who was on last season is with us, but I see another quarterback Ryder. My theory is that maybe they messed up my last name and got the other one but it is doubtfull.

Now for some Terraria stuff.

Recommended to do in order:

Pre-Hard Mode you pretty much gotta do all of the pre-hard mode bosses and the armies. The Bosses:

Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu (or both), Queen Bee, Slime King and Skeletron. Armies: Goblins, Frost Legion and Old Ones Army.

Once you beat the Wall of Flesh and hit hard mode though you do this:

First thing is take the PWN Hammer that the Wall of Flesh drops and break as many alters as possible to bless your world. Then immediately go find the spider nest underground to make spider armor. Then kill the pirate army. After that beat the mechanical bosses. The Destroyer, The Twins and Skeletron Prime. After that get more loot by beating the armies called Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon. After that beat Plantera for some incredible loot in the underground jungle. You will get the Jungle Temple Key. Go to the temple and kill Golem. After that you can get to the endgame part, but there is other better stuff you need for loot. First, get solar tablets from chests in the jungle temple to create the solar tablet which summons the Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse is a big army. One of the rarer mobs, Mothron drops a broken hero sword. Combine the broken hero sword with the Nights Edge or the Excalibur, you will get a True Nights Edge or True Excalibur. Combine both of those, you have Terra Blade. The golem kill will also unlock the ability to find Martian Madness which is an alien invasion. Go up to space and wait until you see a martian probe (UFO). Don’t kill it, go under it. Once the light goes red. Martians will summon. Kill them. They drop super good items. One is the laser drill which is the best in the game and is super extendoish. They also drop the gravity-controlling grapple hook. Most importantly, the UFO which is unlimited flying. Way better than the second best flying item which is a pair of wings. Then go find a truffle worm and capture it in the mushroom biome which is a worm that appears after beating golem. Use a high-tier fishing rod such as that 15 gold costing golden fishing rod occasionally sold by the traveling merchant when he arrives. That way you can fish in the ocean to summon Duke Fishron which is an insanely hard boss with incredible loot. After you can beat the endgame. See after beating Golem 4 guy will appear at the dungeon. Once you kill them Lunatic Cultist will summon. After beating the Eclipse, Martians and Fishron you will difinitely have enough to beat Cultist. After beating Cultist a celestial event will begin. There are 4 solar pillars protected by the cultist army. Beat the stardust pillar first, create the stardust dragon staff which summons a pet which is super useful. Wearing turtle armor can make you extend it. beat 2 of the other pillars. Save when pillar to get ready, because after beating all 4 pillars Moon Lord will summon. (Cthulhu). Beat it and you did it congrats.

Will update about how my football went next week.

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