Will it happen???

I have football tonight 7-8, but it could get cancelled. I believe if the younger leagues are cancelled all are cancelled. There is a younger league 6-7 session, 7-8 session and mine 8-9. Lets check the weather.

At 3 it will be 80% rain 70% at 4 and 5. All 40 degrees. Sunset at 5:48.  At 6 it is 40 with 70% rain. 7 it is same thing but with 50% rain. 8 it will be same. At 9 it will drop to 40% rain. I hope they can still perform ours. It don;t think it is fair that if the other is cancelled ours is cancelled too. So I think if they NEED to they should cancel the first and start clearing the field for the second. If second ends up cancelled continue cleaning until the third. Only cancel if you HAVE to. I will tell you results of what happened next week

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