Last week’s flag football playoffs results

I was QB and we were doing well but started making mistakes… We were down by 8 at one point… On third down me and the running back miscommunicated but was still able to throw a first down pass. Later on in the drive it was 4th down and goal and we faked a handoff perfectly to be able to score. On the two point conversion we got it in a very close pass that I made. Then next thing I know I’m praying on the sideline that they don’t get a first down or even score. It was third down up to the first down marker. HE THROWS AN INTERCEPTION!!! FOR 6. So next thing we know we are one 2 point conversion away. A hard 2PT was converted. TIE GAME!!! In OT we had 1st down up to the endzone. No one was getting open so first down was incomplete after a perfect fake handoff. 2nd down I duplicated the same motion but still handed it off well. I thought he got tripped and we got a few yards. 3rd down I said hike and the center didn’t here it so penalty :/. At this point I was super impatient. No one was getting open this play. I forgot I could run. Kid runs across field and I hesitate. He turns up field, I throw it and it gets picked and returned for a touchdown. Game over. BUT there is a catch. We are competing for a higher spot tonight but we think they might have cheated last week. They could get DQ’d and we would move one… it’s a long shot though. So there is this kid on there team who is tiny fast and tricky and probably not 11-12. While some of our flags were falling off, his were tough to pull. At one point three guys in perfect position got their hands on his flag and didn’t get it. My dad went over to the kid. He pulled and the flags didn’t come off, then he yanked with all his might and it came off finally. We are going to spy when they come in to see if he comes with a different pair. We will also test the flags on my body if there is anything. Will blog again next week by 🙂

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