Last blog, summer predictions, note to self and rap.

Well this is my last blog. I lost my football playoff game last week and my baseball team is on pace to miss the playoffs. Tonight I have the 3rd place game in football against a terrible team so it should be fun. Tomorrow I have baseball with probably our last chance to make the playoffs. Here are my predictions for everything this summer:

  1. I record my Uncle getting drunk again
  2. I beat my cousin in horse, wiffle ball, around the world, basketball 1v1 and football
  3. Beat my cousin in MarioKart
  4. I improve in just about everything physically and athletically
  5. I improve in poker
  6. I gain 2.5 inches
  7. I gain 5.5 pounds
  8. I get 2x faster
  9. I end up wayyyyyyyyy taller than Hannah and Serena
  10. Xander won’t catch up to me in height neither will Doug or Tim
  11. I surpass Beth in height
  12. My mustache grows to look more stupid
  13. My hair grows longer without cutting it
  14. I get more comebacks against my friend in every sports game
  15. Just dominate everything in general
  16. Watch as Trump gets more screwed
  17. Watch as the Yankees dominate the top of their division
  18. Watch as the Jets offseason keeps getting better
  19. Watch as the Knicks get Durant
  20. Watch as the Rangers rebuild gets better
  21. Watch as the WWE gets more boring for me
  22. Watch stuff in general
  23. Come back to school

Note to self: IDK just don’t get caught stalking anyone on IG, continue to dominate everything and more, continue beating your older cousin in everything. Mario Kart, Wiffle Ball, Football, Basketball, Horse, Around the world ETC. Fall in love with a tree if lonely. Prank people. Scare people. Just flatout do it all.

Lets end this with a rap:

Ok listen up, you can call me Lusabin, I have a friend named Robin, he is robbing my bank. I’m really dank, your rap is stank, my friends dad is named Hank. I hit people with a rake, then I bake cake out of steak with my friend named Jake. Then I throw him in a lake. He drowns, evyerbody bows, I sufficate people in gowns, then I touch owls with towels and get a thumbs up from Simon Cowell. I spit rhymes with vowells, then hug a cow. How? By inviting my friend Al and his brother Sal. My raps fly high like a balloon, I’m about to end this rap soon. Here’s the end. Check it out.  I choke people with bags, I dominate that I make people gag, then wipe people with rags and on my shirt I hate tags. I also hate when my game lags. When people are jerks I call them hags. Then I make arts & crafts, hide in my shaft with William Howard Taft and then he gets stuck in the bubble bath. I do nothing every day, have a shitty job and get really low pay, my best friend Michael just admitted that he’s gay, I like farms cuz horses eat hay. That’s all I’m gonna say for today, I’m gonna go home and on my bed I’ll lay. -Luca 2019

Every Super Bowl Ever (Mostly from memory)

  1. Packers vs Chiefs
  2. Packers vs Raiders
  3. Jets vs Colts
  4. Chiefs vs Vikings
  5. Colts vs Cowboys
  6. Cowboys vs Dolphins
  7. Dolphins vs Redskins
  8. Dolphins vs Vikings
  9. Steelers vs Vikings
  10. Steelers vs Cowboys
  11. Raiders vs Vikings
  12. Cowboys vs Broncos
  13. Steelers vs Cowboys
  14. Steelers vs Rams
  15. Raiders vs Eagles
  16. 49ers vs Bengals
  17. Redskins vs Dolphins
  18. Raiders vs Redskins
  19. 49ers vs Dolphins
  20. Bears vs Patriots
  21. Giants vs Broncos
  22. Redskins vs Broncos
  23. 49ers vs Bengals
  24. 49ers vs Broncos
  25. Giants vs Bills
  26. Redskins vs Bills
  27. Cowboys vs Bills
  28. Cowboys vs Bills
  29. 49ers vs Chargers
  30. Cowboys vs Steelers
  31. Packers vs Patriots
  32. Broncos vs Packers
  33. Broncos vs Falcons
  34. Rams vs Titans
  35. Ravens vs Giants
  36. Patriots vs Rams
  37. Buccaneers vs Raiders
  38. Patriots vs Panthers
  39. Patriots vs Eagles
  40. Steelers vs Seahawks
  41. Colts vs Bears
  42. Giants vs Patriots
  43. Steelers vs Cardinals
  44. Saints vs Colts
  45. Packers vs Steelers
  46. Giants vs Patriots
  47. Ravens vs 49ers
  48. Seahawks vs Broncos
  49. Patriots vs Seahawks
  50. Broncos vs Panthers
  51. Patriots vs Falcons
  52. Eagles vs Patriots
  53. Patriots vs Rams

What it should have been:

  1. Packers vs Chiefs
  2. Packers vs Raiders
  3. Jets vs Colts
  4. Vikings vs Chiefs
  5. Colts vs Cowboys
  6. Cowboys vs Dolphins
  7. Dolphins vs Redskins
  8. Dolphins vs Vikings
  9. Steelers vs Vikings
  10. Steelers vs Vikings
  11. Vikings vs Raiders
  12. Cowboys vs Raiders
  13. Steelers vs Cowboys
  14. Steelers vs Rams
  15. Raiders vs Eagles
  16. 49ers vs Benglas
  17. Redskins vs Dolphins
  18. Raiders vs Redskins
  19. 49ers vs Dolphins
  20. Bears vs Raiders
  21. Giants vs Broncos
  22. Redskins vs Broncos
  23. 49ers vs Bengals
  24. 49ers vs Broncos
  25. 49ers vs Bills
  26. Redskins vs Bills
  27. Cowboys vs Oilers
  28. Cowboys vs Bills
  29. 49ers vs Chiefs
  30. Cowboys vs Steelers
  31. Packers vs Patriots
  32. Broncos vs Packers
  33. Vikings vs Broncos
  34. Rams vs Titans
  35. Ravens vs Giants
  36. Rams vs Raiders
  37. Raiders vs Buccaneers
  38. Patriots vs Panthers
  39. Patriots vs Eagles
  40. Steelers vs Seahawks
  41. Colts vs Bears
  42. Giants vs Patriots
  43. Steelers vs Cardinals
  44. Vikings vs Colts
  45. Packers vs Steelers
  46. Giants vs Patriots
  47. Ravens vs 49ers
  48. 49ers vs Broncos
  49. Packers vs Patriots
  50. Broncos vs Panthers
  51. Falcons vs Patriots
  52. Eagles vs Jaguars
  53. Saints vs Chiefs

What bad calls do to the NFL :/

Every (NFC) NFL teams status as it stands

Last week I reviewed every AFC team’s status as it stands. Now I am doing every NFC team.

Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles Super Bowl team was best from start to finish. Last season, injuries to defensive backs caused them to barely make the playoffs. Now with everyone healed, they should be poised to dominate again. Carson Wentz should be healthy and find his 2017 form again. The defensive line is still very good with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham, it doesn’t matter if they lost veteran Michael Bennett. Probably a 13-3 season in store for Philly.

Dallas Cowboys:

The Cowboys have three of the best Offensive Linemen in football. Zach Martin, Thomas Fredrick and Tyron Smith. They have one of the leagues best Running Backs. Ezekial Elliot. Last season they traded for a pro bowl 24 year old receiver Amari Cooper. Dak Prescott is a decent Quarterback. All the Offense needed was that big target. The problem is that the rest of the receiving core is a dumpster fire. Cole Beasley is now gone. The Defense is still only decent, they did re-sign DeMarcus Lawrence. It’s going to be hard to keep up with a not really deep team. It depends on the development in Dak. 10-6 is there likely destination again.

New York Giants:

Heading into the offseason I thought they were a 7-9 2019 team, I am wrong. In 2018 they had elite defensive linemen Damon Harrison, pro bowl linebacker Olivier Vernon, elite Safety Landon Collins, hyped rookie running back Saquon Barkley, arguable best receiver in football Odell Beckham Jr. an improved Offensive Line with the addition of Nate Solder and other good receivers in slot guy Sterling Shepard and Tight End Evan Engram. But of course everything fell apart. Eli was trash, the offensive line was trash, Beckham stayed unhealty, Shepard and Engram had a hard time staying healthy. The only upside to their offense was rookie sensation Saquon Barkley. He had a pro bowl season behind a terrible Offensive Line as a rookie. He is headed for great things. Beacause of how bad the offense was, they decided to begin a rebuild. They traded Damon “Snacks” Harrison. All they traded him for was a 5th round pick. That isn’t close to his value, they should have at least also gotten a 2nd round pick. They also traded CB Eli Apple for a 4th round pick and 2020 7th round pick. This offseason, they let Landon Collins go to the free agency. They didn’t really try to lose him, but got outbid by the Redskins and when he was gone it was time for full tank mode. The 27 year old Olivier Vernon had a down season, so because of his monster contract they traded him for pro bowl offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler. They then went on to trade star wide-out Odell Beckham… they traded him for a 1st and 3rd round pick and SS Jabrill Peppers. Peppers will go as Landon Collins’ replacement. Peppers might be as good as Collins in a few seasons and is cheaper right now. Then they oddly signed veteran Receiver Golden Tate, overpaying him. They drafted Daniel Jones 6th in the draft. Jones was a projected 2nd round QB, but the Giants were too worried they weren’t even going to get him at 17. He has been in the Manning Camps for years, so they felt like they had to super reach for him at 6. At 17, they picked defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence. It is hard to understand what Dave Gettleman is doing, considering he just got rid of his superstars to get younger and cheaper versions. I’m expecting a 5-11 season out of this team.

Washington Redskins:

2018 was the year of veterans for Washington. QB Alex Smith, RB Adrian Peterson, TE Jordan Reed, the O-Line and LB Ryan Kerrigan. But you cannot rely on veterans. Smith suffered a possibly career ending injury. They lost young receiver Jamison Crowder from their receiver core. WR Paul Richardson is all they got left that’s decent. Reed ended the season injured and is now injury prone. Adrian Peterson is always questionable. Other running back Chris Thompson under-performed. The only good thing they got new for their offense is 15th overall pick Dwayne Haskins. They were a little lucky he fell to them. They traded for Case Keenum in case they didn’t get Haskins, but they did. Keenum and McCoy will easily be backups for Dwayne Haskins. Smith probably won’t come back. Haskins is a good start to build the offense around, I would. They need to do that over the next few years. I love d-lineman Da’Ron Payne on their defense. I just don’t think that’s enough though. It’s time to trade Ryan Kerrigan. What they did to their secondary was awful: They released young good safeties HaHa Clinton-Dix and DJ Swearinger to overpay elite young Safety Landon Collins. They wanted to take him from the AFC East, but it was still an overpay. Clinton-Dix and Swearinger have good futures so they were good enough for that position. Some people think they can compete if Philly and Dallas are unhealthy, but I am not too high on them. Another 5-11 season is bound.

Chicago Bears:

The Bears haven’t made much hey this offseason. They signed Safety HaHa Clinton-Dix. But nothing really done to the offense. The team should improve. But the division keeps improving. It will be cold and loud in Green Bay, Detroit and Minnesota. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t win any of those games. I see a tough 10-6 season barely winning the division.

Detroit Lions:

Head Coach Matt Patricia has been all about the defense. Mid-season he traded a 5th round pick for Defensive Lineman Damon Harrison Sr. He also signed young stud defensive lineman Trey Flowers. Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones were already decent for their receiver core. But now they’ve added veteran Danny Amendola and Tommylee Lewis. Lewis is remembered for being the victim of that bad pass interference no-call in the NFC Championship game with the Saints against the Rams, but is actually a capable receiver. The Offensive Line has improved, they’ve added runnning back CJ Anderson. In the draft I expected them to draft a defensive player at 8 or trade up to 3 or 4. Instead, they stayed where they were and picked Tight End TJ Hockenson. Hockenson is most peoples favorite player from the draft and very underrated because of his position. I wouldn’t be surprised if Detroit improved to 9-7.

Green Bay Packers:

Aaron Rodgers missing the playoffs 3 straight seasons seems unlikely, but the team isn’t as improved as everyone is suddenly saying. They are being way too overrated for no good reason other than “They have Rodgers”. Rodgers likes his new coach Matt LaFleur. They have added a lot of new pieces to their team, but I disliked their first draft pick a LOT. Rashan Gary was a bad pick. In 2015 the Browns selected DT Danny Shelton early. People said it wasn’t really a good pick, they took a shot and he didn’t turn out to be that good. In last years draft the Buccaneers selected DT Vita Vea 12, it was considered a bad pick and he had a bad season. Da’Ron Payne was picked 13 and was much better than Vea. Gary is like both of them. They needed to go O-Line to protect Rodgers. They did throughout the rest of the draft, but needed to at 12. Yes Jonah Williams was picked right before them, but Jawaan Taylor and Chris Lindstrom were still available. I just don’t see them getting past 8-8 in this tough division in 2019. I’m sorry.

Minnesota Vikings:

Heading into 2018 the Vikings thought the only upgrade needed was at Quarterback. They got the good replacement at Running Back for Jerrick McKinnon in Latavius Murray for that season, and Kirk Cousins was the big replacement for Case Keenum. Except Cousins had a bad season. They ended 8-7-1 missing the playoffs on the last week of the season. Now they’ve lost Latavius Murray and didn’t find a good replacement. Ameer Abdullah isn’t that good, there is no way they are winning the bidding war for Jay Ajayi, they have no interest in veteran Marshawn Lynch and didn’t draft a very good running back. They also have a very below average O-Line and needed to improve that. They didn’t do anything during the free agency period to address the O-Line. They waited until the draft to get pieces. They were able to barely re-sign LB Anthony Barr. This team still just doesn’t seem to have the correct pieces, and are relying on everybody to exceed expectations because they hit the Salary Cap limit. They are hoping they hit the jackpot in the draft, they know they’re probably not winning any of their away games vs their division. A tough 7-9 season seems the most probable right now.

New Orleans Saints:

The Saints were ripped off in the 2019 NFC Championship game and deserved to go to the Super Bowl. It was their year to win it. 2019 will be another good season however. The 2017 draft was one for the ages. First round pick Marshon Lattimore was defensive rookie of they year and is a top 3 cornerback today. 3rd round pick Alvin Kamara was offensive rookie of they year and is a top running back today. 2nd round pick Marcus Williams is only known for his Minnesota Miracle fail but is actually a stellar Safety today and 1st round pick Ryan Ramczyk is a stud Offensive Lineman. They just got an upgrade at secondary running back from Mark Ingram to Latavius Murray. They still have a good receiving core led by Michael Thomas. However Brees is only getting older and will be 41 next season. It will be hard for the team to be as good as last season, but should still end 12-4.

Atlanta Falcons:

The winners of the 2016 NFL Draft need that Super Bowl they single-handedly blew 2 years back. In the 2016 draft they selected now stellar Safety Keanu Neal in the 1st round. They selected defensive rookie of the year and now pro bowler Linebacker Deion Jones in the 2nd round. In the 3rd round they selected stud Tight End Austin Hooper and in the 4th round they selected decent Linebacker DeVondre Campbell. This defense is now stacked. Vic Beasley is an improving linebacker to this day. Grady Jarrett is an improving D-Linemen. The secondary still has Desmond Trugant and Ricardo Allen. Sure they’ve lost the likes of Robert Alford and Brian Poole, but at least gained Brent Grimes. Deion Jones was injured in 2018 which really tore their defense down, but in 2019 he will be healthy again. The Offense was so good in 2016 because of Kyle Shanahan’s aggressive. gameplan. Shanahan stepped down from Offensive Coordinator to head coach the 49ers but they still have a good offense. Matt Ryan is still performing at a decent rate. He has receivers in All-Elite Julio Jones, top 2018 rookie Calvin Ridley, veteran Mohammed Sanu and young Tight End Austin Hooper. The O-Line has been good and they have Running Back Devonta Freeman. However in 2018 Freeman got injured, Jones played unhealthy and Ryan got off to a slow start. In 2019 everything will be back to normal, plus they added protection for Matty Ice selecting Chris Lindstrom 14th overall. I might not agree that Lindstrom was better than Jawaan Taylor, but he’s good enough. 11-5 and a playoff berth is their 2019 destination.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

They hired Bruce Arians to head coach and Todd Bowles to Defensive Coordinator. These 2 were the coach D-Coordinator duo with the Cardinals during their success 5 years ago. Let me tell you  if Arians can’t fix Jameis Winston then no one can. They still have star receiver Mike Evans. They released veteran D-Lineman Gerald McCoy to sign veteran Ndamukong Suh. Suh might have more anger issues, but he is cheaper right now. They are hoping for a breakout in Vita Vea. They want LB LaVonte David to continue to be like his early prime. They drafted LB Devin White 5th overall to replace Kwon Alexander. I excpect possible a 7-9 season in 2019.

Carolina Panthers:

I am low on the Panthers. Cam Newton can’t stay healthy, their only star Offensive Player is young RB Christian McCaffrey. They can never seem to figure out their defense. They are unexpectedly headed for a gruesome 4-12 season.

Los Angeles Rams:

This team had a hot first half of 2018, in the second half Jared Goff slowed down but they still ended 13-3. Goff had a really good NFC Championship game, but they were given the win on a bad call and Goff played god awful in the Super Bowl. He was not ready yet. They still have the Running Back of a lifetime in Todd Gurley II and a good O-Line. Plus they have Receivers Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods. The Defense has made changes though. The Defensive Line no longer has Ndamukong Suh because they didn’t want to pay him. It still does have 2 time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald, and Michael Brockers. The secondary has Cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib but aren’t that deep at that position. They lost Safety Lamarcus Joyner but were able to replace him with veteran Eric Weddle. There isn’t much wrong with this team, but they didn’t really improve the team assett wise this offseason. They’ll be the same thing probably ending 11-5 or 12-4 depending on how Jared Goff does.

San Francisco 49ers:

QB Jimmy Garoppollo is coming back from injury. RB Jerrick McKinnon is returning from injury, they still have RB Matt Breida and just signed Falcons RB Tevin Coleman. The Receiving core has insanely monsterous tight end George Kittle, speed demon receiver Marquise Goodwin and other receivers such as veteran Pierre Garcon and Dante Pettis. It’s a shame they couldn’t land Antonio Brown, but they still have a good offense, capped off by a good Offensive Line led by veteran Joe Staley and 2018 9th overall pick Mike McGlinchey. The Defense is also not that bad, the secondary was simply just loaded with injuries in 2018. The D-Line is led by DeForest Buckner and they now drafted Nick Bosa 2nd overall, who was by far the best player in the draft. They were prepared to select LB Josh Allen until they heard the Cardinals weren’t selecting Bosa first, so they filled their linebacker position by getting Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander. They traded a 2020 2nd round pick for Ford and signed Kwon to a good deal. The have the coaching. They hired Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch in 2017 and are working together perfectly. Owner Jed York is making all the right moves with them by his side. They are bound to trade Nick Mullens who did well while Jimmy G was injured, all that’s left is execution.

Seattle Seahawks:

Russell Wilson is very good. The Running Backs are quite good. The problem was their O-Line in 2018 and they had hit the cap limit so they couldn’t improve it other than in the draft. They had to release veteran receiver Doug Baldwin because he failed a physical. On defense the secondary has collapsed. They lost Safety Earl Thomas to the Free Agency and Kam Chancellor also failed a physical resulting in a release. They got rid of 25 year old Defensive Lineman Frank Clark. It was a good move considering his legal issues, big contract and the offer from Kansas City. They got a 2019 first rounder, 2020 second rounder and moved up in the 2019 3rd round in that trade. They did this because they’re trying to mini-rebuild. They traded pick 21 to Green Bay and picked LJ Collier at 29. Collier is younger and cheaper that Clark. Collier also fits their system and don’t forget GM John Schneider is the best drafter in the biz. They also signed veteran Defensive Lineman Ziggy Ansah to the team. The defense will be built around top Linebacker Bobby Wagner. They also draft WR D.K. Metcalf. This guy was a top 10 draft pick heading into the 2018 college season. Injuries turned him into a late 1st rounder. His insane Draft Combine performance pushed his grade back up, but he still dropped to the mid 2nd round where Seattle picked him. I still don’t believe the Seahawks will get passed 7-9.

Arizona Cardinals:

Perhaps the wild card of the 2019 season. In 2018 they went 3-13. The Offense was dreadful. The O-Line was bad, that gave top Running Back David Johnson a down season. The receivers were all bad, Fitzgerald had a down season. This made it very hard on 10th overall pick Josh Rosen. In last years draft the Cardinals traded from 15 to 10 to get their QB of the future. The Defense was well, insanely young and not ready to compete yet. Many people expected them to pick DE Nick Bosa 1st overlal because of the dreadful D-Line. But then they hire Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach. Kingsbury has been obsessed with Kyler Murray throughout college and begged him to choose football over baseball. Murray was not at the top of most people and team’s QB board despite winning the Heisman trophy. Haskins was and he was barely a top 10 QB. But Kingsbury was willing to reach to get the guy he’s been recruiting that fits his system, rather than a guy that fits their defensive system and fills a hole in Nick Bosa. The Cards have been working on their Defense all offseason. They signed Safety DJ Swearinger to improve their secondary. They also signed Cornerback Robert Alford to play alongside veteran pro bowler Patrick Peterson. Peterson is suspended for the first 6 games of the season however. The Linebackers are not that good, so they added veteran Terrell Suggs. Drafting Nick Bosa was the right move for their defensive line, but Kingsbury was willing to take a risk by instead reaching for a 5 foot 10 inexperienced Quarterback while already having a young one with potential. After drafting Murray they traded Rosen to the Dolphins for their 2nd round pick and 2020 5th round pick. The Cardinals had a pretty good draft in general. They addressed their O-Line, Receiving core, Defensive Line and Secondary. With some people saying that Kyler will be a star, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Cards shape up in 2019. Because it’s Kingsbury’s first season as a head coach, I say they go 5-11. But only positive signs will come from Kyler Murray.

That’s all for my team reviews bye.

Every (AFC) NFL team’s status as it stands

The NFL offseason is slowing down, hardcore free agency is over, the draft is over, blockbuster trades have all happened and mini-camps have begun. Here are my thoughts on the status of every team in the AFC.

New England Patriots:

The Super Bowl 53 champions are being underrated because Rob Gronkowski retired, but the team has had Gronk injured before and done well. In 2016 Gronk got injured, but Edelman and Bennet were great on their road to Super Bowl 51. Yeah they lost Gronk, Hogan and Patterson. But they still have Edelman and Gordon, Phillip Dorsett is poised for a breakout, they signed Thomas, Watson and Jenkins, and drafted Harry.  Brady has been capable enough with receiving cores like these. Also, the pats O-Line performance has been identical to the teams success if you look at the numbers over the past couple of years. Belichick and McDaniels have been changing gears to supporting their running game with Michel, White and Burkhead. The defense will be different with the Defensive Coordinator situation and losing Trey Flowers. However they are still practically a family, and Michael Bennet is a reasonable replacement for Flowers for at least one season. Hightower, Van Noy and Gilmore are super talented. Devin McCourtey and Patrick Chung, the two veteran safeties have been there forever. They have Jason McCourtey there. Everything should all still work. I say they go 12-4.

New York Jets:

The Jets had a lot of cap room and spent it wisely. Sam Darnold has help now. They gave him arguable still the best Running Back in football, Le’Veon Bell. Also, he got and underrated Ty Montgomery at that position as an upgrade from Isaiah Crowell. Bilal Powell returning from injury, is also highly underrated. He now has protection thanks to trading their 5th round pick for Kelechi Osemele of the Oakland Raiders. They signed Jamison Crowder as another weapon to play alongside Robbie Anderson. The Defense has improved by signing CJ Mosley to play LineBacker along with Avery Williamson. The defensive line with Leonard Williams and Henry Anderson has improved by drafting Quinnen Williams 3rd overall, the secondary is led by pro bowl Safety Jamal Adams, and another good Safety in Marcus Maye. The Cornerback core has lost Morris Claiborne, but still have Trumaine Johnson and added Brian Poole. The one questionable part is the coaching. Dolphins head coach Adam Gase was fired, then hired by the Jets over Mike McCarthey. Then, after this masterpiece of an offseason they fire their GM Mike Maccagnan. Gase is now the interim GM. Gase’s first move was trading disappointing 2016 1st round pick LB Darron Lee to the Chiefs for a 2020 6th round pick. It was a failure that they couldn’t trade him for a 2019 pick on draft day. This team still seems like a 9-7 team though.

Buffalo Bills:

Sean McDermott has built one hell of a defense, and they added Ed Oliver as he fell to them at 9 in the NFL Draft. However the offense still has problems. They spent too much time trying to sign Bell and trade for Brown, and failed both. After this all the good offensive linemen were signed, good receivers were signed, now they are stuck in a bidding war for Jay Ajayi. They barely improved the Offense around Allen. The division they’re in doesn’t help either. They will probably end up 7-9.

Miami Dolphins:

The nasty rebuild has begun the Miami. Firing gase and hiring Pats D-Coordinator Brian Flores was to start a complete rebuild. They made a wise decision trading Ryan Tannehil for a 6th round pick, and letting Brock Osweiler go to the Free Agency. They released Cameron Wake as well. They signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he was never meant to be the starter. Everybody excpected the Dolphins to trade up and select Haskins in the draft, but they stayed at 13 and even though he fell to them, they picked Christian Wilkins. Flores did have a very good draft for his defense, and they trade for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen which was also a good move. Now Rosen has a better Offense around him unlike on Arizona. They look like a 5-11 team.

Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens are an interesting squad. Their Offense led by LaMar Jackson is young and improving. But the defense has a big mental gap now. They lost some locker room leaders. Long time Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs is now gone. Veteran Safety Eric Weddle is now gone. Young improving middle linebacker CJ Mosley was the center stone of this defense that he fit so well. Now he’s gone as well. They signed Elite Safety Earl Thomas, but it will take a lot of getting used to for this defense to play without Suggs, Weddle and Mosley. They didn’t even sign Anthony Barr to replace Mosley, who is staying with Minnesota. They will probably get off to a 3-5 or 4-4 start, but heat up at the end. My final prediction isn’t in yet, I’d say that it ranges from 7-9 to 12-4.

Cleveland Browns:

Highly Overrated. Trading for Beckham and signing Hunt sounds good on paper. But people are still way to high on them. The Zeitler-Vernon trade was one of the worst all offseason. They finally have a decent O-Line and traded a big piece for a player at an already stacked and deep position. Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr. are going to have problems behind this Zeitler-less O-Line. Vernon is barely gonna make a difference to the D-Line that already has Myles Garrett and newly signed Sheldon Richardson. Plus once again, it’s deep. They have no real good linebackers and failed to trade for Darron Lee. They lost their 1st and 3rd round picks in the Beckham trade. The secondary has changed as well, Safety Jabrill Peppers was traded as part of that Beckham trade. But they still have stud Cornerback Denzel Ward and have signed Morris Claiborne, and drafted Greedy Williams. Williams was a top 20 talent and the Browns were lucky to get him in the middle of the 2nd round of the draft. It will be different with a new coach as well. Players like Freddie Kitchens, but it will still only be his first season he’s ever been head coach before. I suspect that they will be from 8-8 to 11-5.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

People are underrating the Steelers because they lost arguable the best receiver and running back in the game, Brown and Bell. But, they still have a very good defense, elite offensive line, pretty good receiver (JuJu) good running back (Connor) and decent Tight End (McDonald). Plus don’t forget 2X Super Bowl Champion Ben Roethlisberger is still there. Bell skipped 2018 and Brown caused locker room problems, it won’t be much different without them other than the locker room which should be better. It will be interesting, but I suspect that they will be somewhere from 8-8 to 10-6.

Cincinnati Bengals:

If there is any team people are sleeping on, it’s the Bengals. I have been considering them the worst team in football since the beginning of the offseason. But not anymore. My original 4-12 prediction is out the window. They still have AJ Green and Tyler Eifert in their prime. Joe Mixon is a good running back. The O-Line is decent. Imagine if Andy Dalton and Gio Bernard find their old form. The defense still has Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, William Jackson and Dre Kirpatrick. If they are all excellent in 2019, they can carry the team. If the team goes to the stellar, they must trade Atkins, Dunlap and Green immediately. My predictions for now, ranges from 4-12 to 7-9.

Indianapolis Colts:

I am super high on the Colts. Andrew Luck deserved the 2018 Comeback Player of the year award. If there was an Offensive Linemen Rookie of the year award, that would’ve unanimously went to Quenton Nelson. He single-handedly turned the Offensive Line from one of the worst to one of the best in one year. TY Hilton is still a capable receiver, they signed Devin Funchess, they have a decent tight end core. They are most likely to sign Running Back Jay Ajayi out of all the teams bidding for him.  The defense has a perfect leader. Their 2018 2nd round pick, turned into the UNANIMOUS defensive rookie in the year. Why? Because he had the most tackles in the ENTIRE LEAGUE in 2018. That’s incredible for a 2nd round pick. They’re in a tough division, but should still succeed to 12-4.

Houston Texans:

DeAndre Hopkins is arguably the best receiver in football, DeShaun Watson is a star Quarterback and LaMar Miller is a dangerous Running Back when healthy. However, the Offensive line is dreadful and those 3 guys are injury prone. The defense led by JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Jonathon Joseph. However with all the uncertainty, they look in position to finish last in a gruesome AFC South. Which sucks since they ended 1st in 2018. I don’t have an exact prediction, but I think they will range from 6-10 to 10-6.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

This team was haunted by injuries in 2018. The Offense will be recovering now. It was insanely unfortunate what happened to their offensive players, they also made a wise move to replace Blake Bortles with Nick Foles. The secondary will be back to normal now the Jalen Ramsey is healthy. The Jaguars passed up on Tight End TJ Hockenson to draft LB Josh Allen. The reason is because Telvin Smith is sitting out 2019, and “Sacksonville” should be back, the defensive line is deep again since everyone is returning from injury. If everything goes to plan, 10-6 is the likely record for their 2019 season.

Tennessee Titans:

They will have a problem with this tough division, but should still be quite good. They have added more talent to their team. Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry have more fire power around them, and the defense keeps getting big pieces. They will probably range from 8-8 to 10-6 in 2019.

Kansas City Chiefs:

This is a team that had a dominant offense yet so cheap because of how unexpected it was. They were supposed to be able to retain their elite front seven, and add to their bad secondary. Didn’t go as planned. Two of their best offensive players, Hunt and Hill were arrested within a year and are gone. They still have an elite offense led by superstar Patrick Mahomes II. They lost Justin Houston and traded Dee Ford for a 2020 2nd rounder to destroy their front seven. They though trading for Frank Clark would be good, but it wasn’t. He always has drama. They overpayed to his contract. Traded a 2019 first round pick, 2020 2nd rounder and moved back in the 2019 3rd round. They also traded a 2020 6th round pick for underperforming Darron Lee. So they lost Justin Houston and Dee Ford to overpay Frank Clark and Darron Lee, disappointing. The secondary is barely different, they did sign Tyrann Mathieu and got rid of Eric Berry at Safety, but technically Mathieu is just a slightly better, younger and healthier version of Berry. They still have a dominant offense in a crazy stadium and the defense is still good enough. Expect them to finish 12-4 again.

Los Angeles Chargers:

I have mixed emotions about the Chargers. I like them but I feel like they are the same team as in 2018, and I think that Phillip Rivers is losing confidence. If there is a team to disappoint, I think it will be them. I’m sadly calling a 10-6 finish for the Chargers.

Denver Broncos:

John Elway decided not to focus on his offense, and it remains pretty bad. Joe Flacco is not the Quarterback of the future we know that, 2nd round pick Drew Lock isn’t too high in peoples minds. The defense has gotten younger and improved, but 6-10 or lower is probably still their landing spot in 2019.

Oakland Raiders:

Jon Gruden was considered crazy when he trade Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper in 2018, but maybe not as much anymore. Amari Cooper is 24 yes, but trading for 31 year old Antonio Brown is probably an upgrade. They only had to trade a 3rd and 5th round pick. At Running Back they got rid of Marshawn Lynch and added Isaiah Crowell, kind of a downgrade, and they traded Osemele for a 5th round pick downgrading the Offensive Line. But the draft pulled all of this back up. They had 3 1st round picks. Pick 24 was used on RB Josh Jacobs. Pick 27 was for Safety Jonathan Abram who can play along with newly signed Safety LaMarcus Joyner (who might have been a little bit overpayed). The 4th overall pick was the real question though. The Raiders wanted DE Clelin Ferrell, but failed to find a landing spot in trading back. So they reached for him at 4. Things can either go really well or really bad. If Derek Carr finds his 2016 form, Brown and Cook continue to play at elite levels, Josh Jacobs does well, the offensive line improves, the Ferrell improves the front seven and the Joyner/Abram Safety duo carry the seconday, they can end around 9-7. If everything Gruden’s experiment failed, then they can end 3-13. Right now I have them right in the middle, at 6-10. But we will see.

Thats my review for the AFC teams in the NFL as of this month. Next week I’ll right about the NFC teams.

Why Tom Brady MIGHT ACTUALLY BE the G.O.A.T.

I have said that Tom Brady is not the goat, but my argument made him sound terrible. I do believe he is one of the top 3 greatest of all time. I have proof, and to prove it I will be debunking all of the arguments made by people who don’t think Tom is that good. Here are  the arguments:

  1. He is a system quarterback
  2. He has Bill Belichick
  3. Matt Cassell won 11 games
  4. His defense has carried him
  5. He doesn’t hold any records
  6. Such N Such played in a tougher era
  7. Montana never lost the Super Bowl
  8. Tom Brady’s a cheater
  9. The AFC East sucks

Lets start of with the infamous “He is a system quarterback” argument. Where the haters believe that Tom Brady is a result of the Patriots base scheme. Let me ask you a simple question: If Brady is a product of the Patriots system, why don’t other teams run that system? The Patriots offensive system, is an advanced take on the Erhardt Perkins offensive scheme. A lot of other teams, before and after the Patriots dynasty were unsuccessful using this system. The Patriots used this system with Pete Carroll as head coach and Drew Bledsoe as quarterback before Brady came, and it didn’t work. Belichick came in 2000 and they went 5-11. Brady plays in the 2001 season and turns around the entire team. Brady and Bledsoe were very similar quarterbacks who had the same great coach, yet the system worked with Brady and no Bledsoe. It used to work on Bledsoe when He and Parcells went to the Super Bowl, but just barely, and when Parcells left the system wasn’t working anymore. Patriots offensive coordinators have left the Patriots and haven’t been able to duplicate the same success. Charlie Wise was unsuccessful as Offensive Coordinator before Brady came in, and then he started to become really popular after Brady came in and turned his system around. In 2005, Wise left to become the head coach of Notre Dame, a college team, and was unsuccessful. His record as Notre Dame head coach after a few years with the team, he went 41-49. Bill O’Brien was Offensive Coordinator for the Patriots in 2011. In 2011, he and the Patriots offense dominated. They finished that year 3rd in points scored. Since becoming head coach for the Houston Texans, he’s averaged 15th in points scored. His teams have made it to the playoffs because of their defense and he has barely been able to create a good and healthy offense. Josh McDaniels became Offensive Coordinator in 2005, left in 2009 to become the Broncos head coach. He only last 2 seasons as their head coach, in 2011 was Offensive Coordinator for the Rams. Then came back to the Patriots as offensive coordinator in 2012 and has been their ever since. With the Broncos he went 11-17. His offenses ranked 20th and 19th the 2 seasons he was there. With the Rams, his offense was 32nd. He was VERY unsuccessful without Brady and the Patriots. McDaniels is widely considered the next bright head coach of the league. McDaniels and Brady have 3 number 1 ratings in points, and the worst they ever finished together was 10th in points and 11th in yards.

Now the next argument will be that Tom Brady has Bill Belichick. While Bill is probably the G.O.A.T. Head Coach, that doesn’t mean he is the main reason for Tom’s success. He in some way was a product of Tom Brady. Bill Belichick actually used to be a defensive coach. He was with the Giants for 12 years and went on the become Defensive Coordinator. His defensive gameplan for Super Bowl 25 against the Buffalo Bills is in the hall of fame. He was 35-55 as head coach for the Cleveland Browns when he was there. He struggled to find a new coaching job going through short minor-coaching stints with the Patriots and the Jets. But in 2000 he became coach of Bledsoe and the Patriots using the Erhardt Perkins Offensive System. They went 5-11. The next season using the same team, system and coaching they went 11-5 with Tom Brady at the helm and won the Super Bowl.

The next argument is that Bill Belichick won 11 games with Matt Cassel. Additionally, in 2016 when Brady was suspended the first 4 games, Jimmy Garoppolo won 3 games. Well, lets look deeper into the 2008 Matt Cassell Patriots. This is a team that went 16-0 and made it to the super bowl the previous season. They broke records, dominated all year long, had an insane offense etc. Then a year later, with the same team, they go 11-5 as the offense doesn’t do nearly as good. Also, the team relied on the rushing attack. So therefore Tom Brady is the difference between 11-5 and 16-0 for this Bill Belichick led stacked team. So yes they went 11-5, BUT they went 2-4 against playoff teams, getting blown out in all 4 of those losses. Matt Cassell was a similar quarterback to Tom Brady and found success without him. In 2010, as quarterback of the Chiefs he was a pro-bowler. Additionally Jimmy G, yes he won three games but he had the best team in the league. The team that went 14-2 and dominated there way through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. Jimmy G is a good quarterback and was capable of bringing a great team to winning games. Not to mention, after Garoppolo got injured when Jacoby Brissett played game 4, they lost 16-0 to the Rex Ryan 7-9 Buffalo Bills. Essentially, the best offense in the league from start to finish got shutout with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback.

People will also say that Brady never won with bad defenses, which is also incorrect. When the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years yes they had a great defense. But because of that people say that he was carried by his defense. Incorrect. Tom Brady pulled 5 game-winning drives in those 3 Super Bowl winning postseasons. Including one in each of the Super Bowls. Years 2011 to 2015 his defense was actually not that good but they still dominated. For a quarterback like Drew Brees, a defense is the difference between a 12-4 and 7-9 season. For Brady it was the difference between winning the Super Bowl, and losing the AFC Championship game or the Super Bowl. In 2014, 2016 and 2018 the team had good defense and won the Super Bowl those years. In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 the defense wasn’t as good. It caused them to lose the AFC Title game in 2012, 2013 and 2015. In 2011 and 2017, they still came a drive away from winning the Super Bowl despite lower-ranked defenses. That is winning in my book. In the super bowls he won, lets see the amount of points his defense let up. 17 is SB36, 29 against Jake Delhomme in SB38, 21 against a puking and 3-pick McNabb in SB39, 24 in SB49, 28 in SB51 and 3 in SB53. The ones that they lost, the other team put up 17 points in SB42, 21 points in SB46 and 41 points in SB52. Brady threw for over 500 passing yards and brought the team to 33 points and still lost SB52.

The next argument is honestly the most ignorant and idiotic: He doesn’t hold any records……17358.20837..20984…1.0..1.216.2780.0j19j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0j0i67j0i10.X0HOACx5xMc#imgrc=0x_Mq7W-XB_3FM: This is insane that people say this, I’m pretty sure one of his records is most records held by an NFL Quarterback. Let me just give you a quick list of his records:

  1. Best winning %
  2. Only unanimous MVP ever
  3. Most player of the weeks and player of the months
  4. Most 4+ TD and 0 int games
  5. Most 3+ TD and 0 int games
  6. Only QB with 400 TD’s and less than 200 ints
  7. Most 500 point seasons
  8. Only QB to throw for 5 TD’s in 1 quarter
  9. Most wins in a row (21)
  10. Best TD/INT ratio in 1 season (3 in the top 10)
  11. Best TD/INT ratio for a QB with multiple rings
  12. Seasons leading league in touchdowns and least interceptions (2)
  13. Most seasons leading league in TD’s
  14. Oldest QB to lead league in TD’s
  15. Most wins ever
  16. Fastest to 400 TD’s
  17. Most division wins
  18. Best PFF grade ever
  19. Most combined SB, SB MVP and MVP wins
  20. Most playoff yards
  21. Most playoff touchdowns
  22. Highest completion percentage in one playoff game
  23. Most completions in a playoff game
  24. Most touchdowns in a playoff game
  25. Most conference title appearances
  26. Only QB to come back from 10 down in a super bowl (2) (The second being by more than 10 [25]
  27. Best record when throwing 40+ times and 50+ times
  28. 29. 30. 31. 35. 40. ETC. EVERY SUPER BOWL RECORD

There are other people who saying 80’s quarterbacks are greater because they played in a tougher era. It is correct they played in a tougher era, but that isn’t the only way of judging greatness. Yes it is reasonable to say that this era is a big reason why Brady has had more success than the 80’s greats. But another way to look at it, is how dominant you are in the era you played in. Tom Brady has dominated his era more than anyone else in their era. Tom Brady has played in the era of the AFC which included Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and loads of strong defenses, including playing against the #1 sack defense in the last 2 AFC Championship games and still winning. Tom Brady has also played in blizzards, Joe Montana and Dan Marino played in sunny climates, loads of other quarterbacks play in domes. Tom plays in the pure cold. He went to Kansas City in the freezing cold against the best offense and outscored them. Best sack defense and beat them with the ball.

Other people will say Montana is better because he was better in Super Bowls, winning all 4, 2 by blowouts against Elway and Marino, 3 against the NFL MVP and threw 0 interceptions. But Joe also went one and done 4 times in 11 years. Tom Brady has been to 9 Super Bowls in 18 years. Going one and done only twice, dominating divisional rounds and has made it to 8 straight AFC Championships.

Another argument is that Tom Brady is a cheater. Well, deflated footballs are not the reason for Tom’s success. Since the last time Tom deflated a football, he has won 3 Super Bowls. Also, deflating balls doesn’t even matter. Joe Montana said it’s a stupid rule, Aaron Rodgers said he likes balls more pumped up and it doesn’t matter how Brady wants them, Dan Marino says it’s part of the game to make your ball weigh a certain way before the game, and Drew Brees had a simple answer for if you can tell the difference between a legal ball and slightly deflated ball throughout the game: “No”. Deflated balls don’t matter. It’s not the reason for his 10 point comeback in the 14-15 Divisional game, it’s not the reason for his dominant performance in the AFC Championship game. He probably wasn’t even doing it for all that long. As far as spy-gate, that wasn’t by Tom Brady. The team did that, and maybe did that a lot throughout 10 years of their dynasty, but it barely made a difference to performance. Since they have been caught and unable to spy at a full level anymore, their team is practically the same thing as when they did. It doesn’t matter.

The funniest one is when people say that the AFC East sucks. Where are your numbers to back that up? This might surprise you, but did you know that the AFC East is actually the strongest division in football? Out of all divisions, the AFC East has the best record since 2000. Now you’ll probably say that’s because of the Patriots. That isn’t true either. If you remove division winners, the AFC East still has the best record. So combining the Jets, Bills and Dolphins, they have a better record than every other division (minus division winners) combined. The AFC East without the division winner is 395-469-0 since 2000. The Patriots have won the division every year since 2000 except 2000, 2002 and 2008. So the Jets, Bills and Dolphins are actually a stronger threat to the Patriots than any other division in football. It’s just that the Patriots make them look bad. The Patriots already have a better record against every other division in football, they dominate every year. The “AFC East sucks” argument is incorrect.

So I have just proved that Tom Brady is one of the top 3 quarterbacks of all time, if not the GREATEST. This blog post is specifically for information to debunk peoples theories as to why Tom is not the GOAT. So now you can destroy people online that try to say Tom is only good because of everything around him, and is not close to being the goat or even close to the top 5. Thank you.

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United 93 (TPO P3)

If you haven’t read part one and part two then you should read those first. The first one “The Planes Operation” is about how the 9/11 planning went, the second one “The Doomed Planes” is about the first three planes and how they went, but I saved the fourth plane for this specific blog. It is because United 93 is a great story. United 93 was schedule for an 8:00 departure out of Newark International Airport bound for San Francisco. It takes off right now to the Trade Towers, however as we know that is not it’s target. United 93’s hijackers had a problem though: a 42 minute delay. It ended up taking off at 8:42, only four minutes before American 11 hit the North Trade Tower and right around the time United 175 was hijacked and not too long before American 77 was hijacked. If the delay took only 2 minutes longer, the people on the plane would’ve seen American 11 hit the first building. Ziad Jarrah sat in first class at seat 1B, Ahmed Al-Nami and Saeed Al-Ghamdi sat at seats 3C and 3D in first class too. Ahmed Al-Haznawi sat at seat 6B in first class as well. They all knew once they were delayed that they would face the problem of the country revolting. They knew that the plane would be hijacked after their “brothers” hit their targets. So they knew they faced the problem of being shot down. However, for whatever reason the hijackers waited a very long time. Maybe they were waiting for the flight attendant to open the cockpit door, maybe they waiting for better timing, maybe they were hungry and wanted to eat first, maybe they were confused since the fifth hijacker wasn’t there, maybe they began reconsidering because of how late the plane took off but decided to after all, maybe they got cold feet who knows. It was up to Ziad Jarrah what to do. He was the crew leader on the flight. At around 9:20 air traffic controllers began telling aircrafts “Beware cockpit intrusion two planes hit world trade center”. At around 9:25 the pilots of United 93 (Captain Jason Dahl and First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr.) got this message. Dahl was puzzled by the message and said back “Ed confirm last message please -Jason”. Lee Homer’s wife also called United Airlines to ask if her husband was okay. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) told United 93 about his wife calling in, but they never responded to that since the hijacking began just moments after. Lee Homer’s wife was pregnant with their first baby, Jason Dahl’s anniversary with his wife was the next day. A woman on that plane was newlywed on her way home. A man on that plane was going to claim the body of his stepson who died a week before… on his own honeymoon. It’s saddening to hear about this. At 9:28 is when the hijacking began. At exactly 9:28:17 United 93 transmitted a message shouting “Mayday! Ahh Mayday Mayday, Get Out Of Here! Ow!” About a minute later we heard “Mayday Mayday Get Out Of Here! Ow! We’re All Going To Die Here! Ow!” This actual recording can be heard online. It is believed that LeRoy Homer was the one who managed to shout mayday to air traffic control, and Dahl’s voice could also be heard. How the cockpit is breached is unknown. Most likely the hijackers waited until the flight attendants opened the door. It is believed that Ahmed Al-Nami and Saeed Al-Ghamdi stormed the cockpit as Ahmed Al-Haznawi sent people to the back. Then afterwards Ziad Jarrah took control. As the hijacking happened the plane went into a rapid descent. At 9:32 Ziad Jarrah tried to say something to the passengers, but wound up saying it to Air Traffic Control. The message can be heard online. Here is the transcript of what he said: “Ladies and gentlemen here: the captain please sit down. Keep remaining sitting. We have a bomb on board. So sit.” He was audibly out of breath when he said it. The CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) was recovered and recovered and recorded the last 30 minutes of the flight. The recording has never been released to the public. But the transcript is online. The recording begins from right around that first transcript to the passengers. At the beginning of the recording Ziad Jarrah can be heard fussing with Jason Dahl. Jason Dahl kept trying to touch the controls. As seen in the flight data recorder Dahl kept disengaging the auto-pilot and touching buttons. Jarrah can be heard saying stuff like “No don’t touch sit down.” Dahl can be heard moaning, obviously still alive. Homer was not heard so at this point probably killed. Many passengers and flight attendants called people and told them about the hijacking. They said they saw three men wearing red bandanas using boxcutters and knives as weapons, and also had mace and pepper spray. One of them had a bomb strapped around his waste as reported. One passenger had reported a hijacker was holding what looked to be a gun. It is believe that the bomb was fake, and if there was a gun then that was fake too. Although another passenger assured his wife that they didn’t have guns as they didn’t show them. They also expressed belief that the bomb was fake. It is believe that either Ahmed Al-Nami or Ahmed Al-Haznawi had the bomb. The reason being that flight attendant Sandy Bradshaw at one point reported “one of them is sitting in the front right now who is short with dark complexion”. It is certain she is speaking about Saeed Al-Ghamdi and didn’t say he had a bomb strapped around his waste. So it appears that they all took turns in the cockpit. In the cockpit voice recorder Ziad Jarrah can be heard calling our “Saeed” therefore proving that Al-Ghamdi was mostly in the cockpit with Jarrah helping out with the controls. At another point Jarrah can be heard saying “Jassim”. None of the hijackers had even a middle name Jassim. It is believed that the Ahmed’s were separated by nicknames and Jassim was one of their nicknames. We know that both were in the cockpit together at one point. Also in the cockpit at around 9:38 Jason Dahl is heardsaying “I don’t want to die” then went silent. Also heard was a woman shouting “I don’t want to die” and then stopped talking. This was probably Flight Attendant Deborah Welsh. A hijacker is heard saying “Everything is fine I finished”. The plane then turned completely around and Jarrah set the auto-pilot for Reagan International Airport, proving his target was somewhere in D.C. Probably the Capitol Building. Then Jarrah tried speaking to the passengers again saying “Ah here the captain I would like to ask you all to please remain seated, we have a bomb on board, and we are going back to the airport, and we have our demands, so please remain quiet.” This was transmitted to Air Traffic Control as well but is believed to also went to the passengers, because right after this on phone calls the passengers kept saying “They claim they’re going back to the airport”. But they already knew what was going on in New York because their families were telling them. They eventually found out about the Pentagon and began working a revolt plan. Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick all said they were working a plan with two other guys. All three were big and strong. Todd Beamer, Lou Nacke, Richard Guadagno were also notably big and strong. It is believe that three of the hijackers were in the cockpit during the revolt. That the one with the bomb was outside the cockpit. They began getting increasingly worried about a revolt prior to it. It’s believe that the passengers used the roller trollies as a shield as they ran up to first class. There were a lot of phone calls that captured the revolt up to the crash, on the CVR voices from the back were heard. Jarrah is heard asking a hijacker “Is there something? A fight? Yeah?” Another hijacker is heard shouting “Let’s go guys god is great I bear witness he is the only lord!” Jarrah started dangerously rocking the plane left and right and up and down to throw the passengers off balance. For a while the hijackers are heard frantically looking for things to do. Such as showing the passengers the axe they had. On the outside Tom Burnett is heard saying “In the cockpit in the cockpit.” Plates are heard smashing, there are screams in arabic from the hijacker outside the door. This is when the hijacker with the bomb was being killed. One passenger is heard saying “Roll it!” followed by noises of something (probably the roller trolly) smashing up against the cockpit door. Also heard was “In the cockpit if we don’t we die!” Jarrah is heard asking a hijacker in Arabic “Is that it, I mean, shall we finish it off?” The hijacker responded “No not yet when they all come we finish it off.” Jarrah is also heard shouting “Hold the door hold the door!” Jarrah is also heard saying “Up down up down Saeed up down!” Proving that Al-Ghamdi was also a part of the plane shaking. Eventually we hear Jarrah say once again “Is that it? I mean, shall we put it down?” Then another hijacker says “Yes put it in and pull it down” followed by “god is great”. There were shoutings of “Cut of the oxygen cut off the oxygen.” Jarrah says “Saeed!” out of nowhere at one point as well. The passengers say “Go! Go! Go! Go! Move! Move! Move!”. Jarrah is heard saying in Arabic and English “Push it down! Down down down down! Push push push!”  Then Jarrah is heard repeating “Give it to me” 8 times before proving that Al-Ghamdi had control of the plane at least for a few minutes. It is believe that the passengers breached the cockpit because the roller trolly banging stopped and the hijackers began screaming, plus the passenger voices got closer. One of the last English voices heard was “Turn it up” very calmly. Then Jarrah inverted the plane and the hijackers began shouting “God is great!” A second before impact an American English voice shouted “No!” Then the plane crashed. It’s believed that the passengers breached the cockpit and fought for the controls with Jarrah. We also know, despite the passengers not bringing this up on phone calls, that there was a small jet pilot and former air traffic controller on the airplane. We also know that the fighter jets were close to the plane but probably wouldn’t have shot it down in time. The closest the hijackers were to a possible target was Camp David. The Capitol Building was probably their target (as claimed by Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi Yusef) and the building was being aggressively evacuated after the Pentagon was hit by Flight 77. The White House wasn’t being evacuated as much and everyone was being moved down to the bunker in the basement. That is the story of Flight 93.

The Doomed Planes (TPO P2)

If you haven’t read my first blog on this, then you should. It’s called “The Planes Operation”. It was the 9/11 planning. Now, is the actually planes hijackings. Ok so here we go.

19 terrorists boarded American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and United Airlines Flight 93 respectively. 5 hijackers on the first 3, 4 on the fourth. American 11 was coming out of Boston Logan International en route to Los Angeles, California. United 175 was also coming out of Logan headed to Los Angeles. Both planned to leave at 8:00 AM. Both following the same route. American 77 was taking off from Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. at 8:10 AM bound for Los Angeles as well. United 93 was coming out of Newark New Jersey International at 8:00 AM bound for San Francisco. In fact, Newark International is right across the Hudson River, therefore you can see the World Trade Center from there.

Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz Al-Omari both boarded American 11 together. Sitting at 8D and 8G in business class. The Al-Shehri brothers and Al-Suqami came together and boarded at different seats. The Al-Shehri brothers at 2A and 2B in first-class and Al-Suqami sat at 10B in business class. On United 175, Fayez Banihammad and Mohand Al-Shehri boarded seats 2A and 2B in first-class. Marwan Al-Shehhi, Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Ahmed Al-Ghamdi later met up and boarded as well. Al-Shehhi at business-class seat 6C and the Al-Ghamdi brothers sat at business class seats 9C and 9D. The American 77 hijackers had a hard time getting through security, as there is footage of them being closely scanned but with nothing found. Hani Hanjour sat at seat 1B in first class. Nawaf and Salem Al-Hazmi sat at 5E and 5F in first-class, while Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Majed Moqed sat at seats 12A and 12B in business-class. Al-Haznawi and Al-Ghamdi boarded around the same time. Al-Ghamdi sat at seat 3D in while Al-Haznawi sat at seat 6B. A minute later Al-Nami joined Al-Ghamdi sitting at seat 3C. Then, Jarrah called his girlfriend Aysel Senguen and repeated the  words “I love you” three times before boarding the flight at 1B. All 4 hijackers were seated in first-class.

American Airlines Flight 11 then took off at 8:02, right around it’s scheduled departure. The other 3 were not yet up in the air. It is known that the hijacking didn’t start when the seatbelt sign went on. It is instead excpected that they began preparation when the seatbelt sign went on. Listening to ATC radio transmissions, it’s known that American 11 hijacker probably began at 8:14, right when United 175 took off. It was reported by flight attendants from that plane that it was being hijacked by men seated in 8D, 8G and 10B, plus the cockpit door was broken down by someone else up in the front. Flight Attendant Amy Sweeney said that they were Arab, and one (probably Atta) told her to send everybody to the back in very good English. She also said that one showed her a bomb strapped around his waste. It’s believed that either Al-Omari or Al-Suqami had the bomb. It was reported that the number 1 and purser were stabbed (flight attendants Barbera Asteregui and Karen Nelson). It was also reported that a man sitting in 9B got his neck sliced (identified as Daniel Lewin). Lewin actually spent time in Israel and understood Arabic. He was also the most equipped to repel the assault. He might have heard the hijackers talking to each other but didn’t tell a flight attendant because it was too risky. It’s likely he tried to intervene but was unaware that one was right behind him. It is most likely that Al-Suqami had stabbed him. As for the Al-Shehri brothers, they were most likely up and in the cockpit. They knew how to put a plane on auto-pilot. It is believed that they killed the flight attendants to get the keys to the cockpit. Because any other way in would’ve been reported by the flight attendants. Karen Nelson wasn’t actually killed, but Amy Sweeney said that Barbara Asteregui was probably not going to make it. She also said that Daniel Lewin was probably dead. The Pilots were probably killed very quickly. At 8:14 they were requested to turn 20 degrees right and acknowledged, however right after that they were ordered to raise to flight level 3,500, and didn’t respond. Atta was likely escorted to the cockpit by Al-Omari. Mace was believed to have been sprayed in business class. Afterwards, all five men barricaded themselves in the cockpit. Atta took the controls, found the hudson river and turned south in order to follow it to New York City. Mohammed Atta turned the transponder off and made three attempts to tell the passengers to stay in their seats, however they were all transmitted to ATC. It became obvious that the planes were hijacked down at Air Traffic Control, but fighter jets weren’t up in the air until right around when Flight 11 was already over New York City. At exactly 8:46 AM, American 11 crashes into the World Trade Center 1, around the time United 175 was hijacked and United 93 took off. American 77 had already taken off at 8:20 AM and United 93 was on a massive delay. United 93 took off next to the trade towers at 8:42, right before American 11 hit it. If United 93 had waited 4 more minutes, it would’ve seen American 11 hit the world trade center. It is also estimated that United 175 was hijacked between 8:42 and 8:46 AM. It is believe that Mohand Al-Shehri and Fayez Banihammad immediately kicked down the cockpit door and killed the pilots. Funny enough, the United 175 pilot had seen American 11 and reported that they were aware of the hijacking as well. All that was reported was that a flight attendant and passenger were stabbed up in the front. That 2-3 men kept coming to the back of the plane and one of them had a bomb strapped around his waste. It is believe that Al-Shehri and Banihammad killed the pilots and turned on auto-pilot as the Al-Ghamdi brothers began aggressively sending people to the back. The Al-Ghamdi brothers probably stood up into two seperate isles to do so. It’s believe that Hamza Al-Ghamdi probably escorted Marwan Al-Shehhi to the front. As far as the killings, it’s possible that a passenger and flight attendant were in Hamza Al-Ghamdi and Al-Shehhi’s way in the front, so Al-Ghamdi brought it upon himself to kill both. It is believed that one of the Al-Ghamdi brothers had the bomb strapped around his waste and that they were two of the three continuously coming to the back. There were no reports of Al-Shehhi telling the passengers anything, all that we know is when he took control he had shut the transponder off and turned east towards New York City. More phone calls were made from that plane than American 11. They started to find out about the north tower being hit by a plane, and revealed that they had been considering storming the cockpit to take the plane back. However before they could, they were already taking massive dives towards the tower. At 9:00 Davin Brian Sweeney revealed that a flight attendant had just been stabbed and people were throwing up from the planes “Jerky Movements”. At one point he said “My god, my god” a lady screamed, and the call disconnected. It is believed that it was because they were taking a massive dive as seen on the ATC altitude tracking. At exactly 9:03:04 it hit the South World Trade Tower. Prior to this, American 77 had been hijacked between 8:51 and 8:54. There were not many calls made from the airplane, but one flight attendant reported that everybody including the pilots were sent to the back of the plane by 6 men. It is now known that only five men did the hijacking. Al-Mihdhar and Moqed probably sent people to the back while the Al-Hazmi brothers forced a flight attendant to open the door to the cockpit. Hanjour then took the controls of the aircraft. Then, all five men remained inside of the cockpit. They turned East, and once they had the Pentagon in sight, they decided to take a dangerous full turn. All the way around. It then hit the western wall of the Pentagon at 9:37, at full speed. There are recordings of the plane hitting the building, but it is only shown online at 1 frame per second. The U.S. government decided to do this because they didn’t want a recording of a secure building being hit by a plane online. United 93 is the final plane hijacked, but I will blog about it next week. That story in it’s own right is very interesting.

I also have my first football game tonight and first baseball game on Saturday, plus a friend sleeping over for WrestleMania 35. I won’t be posting my predictions on my blog this week.

The Planes Operation

February 26, 1993. Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist group known as Al Qaeda bombed the basement of the World Trade Center, but failed to carry out the rest of the bombs to other targets such as the Lincoln Tunnel and United Nations. When they bombed the basement of the WTC they excpeted the building to fall over, it did not. Creative President of Al Qaeda Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a big part in getting this done, and his nephew Ramzi Yusef who remained uncaught for the time being, was the mastermind behind the bombing. During 1996, Mohammed started planning a new attack but this time he thought ground attacks would be to dangerous, he wanted air attacks hijacking planes and crashing them into targets. It would be devastating if able to pull off. He pitched the idea to Bin Laden, and Bin Laden liked it. Around this time 4 islamic extremists moved from the middle east to Hamburg, Germany. They created what became known as The Hamburg Cell. The leader: Mohammed Atta. The other three: Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh, Ziad Jarrah and Marwan Al-Shehhi. Al-Shibh was a membor of Al-Qaeda and soon after this cell was created the leader Atta joined Al-Qaeda as well. Jarrah was brainwashed to say the least. He and his girlfriend Aysel Sengun in Germany had a relatively normal life until he was brainwashed to go extreme. Aysel never excpected her future housemate, husband and father of her kids would go extreme. Atta’s cousin Marwan Al-Shehhi was also brainwarped in a certain way, they all were by Bin Laden. During 1997 Al Qaeda recognized these four, considering them great for their planes plan. All fluent in English, speak other languages, two of which have a “non-arab-sounding” name and three of which can easily blend in (excluding Atta). Al Qaeda gave the plan to them, considering them the future hijacker-pilots of 4 planes. They had planned for 10 planes though. The hit list included:

  1. World Trade Center 1
  2. World Trade Center 2
  3. Department of Defense (Pentagon)
  4. Capitol Building
  5. White House
  6. Camp David
  7. United Nations 1
  8. Sears Tower
  9. City of San Francisco
  10. Land, kill all the men on board, demand ransom, burn the ransom and turn themselves in.

Khalid Mohammed planned on flying the tenth plane, but after complications figuring out how to get that many “brothers” (terrorists) into the country the number was shortened to 5 in 1999. They already had Hani Hanjour and Zacarias Moussaoui were already being considered for plane number 5.

The Hamburg Cell went on the call this plan, the planes operation. Mohammed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah got into the country in early 2000 and started learning how to fly single jets and studied/simulated airliners. However a major speedbump came, Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh was having problems entering the country. They officially decided to send in Hani Hanjour as Bin Al-Shibh’s replacement. Moussaoui also got in and started training to fly plane number 5. Eventually, it became clear that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh could not make it in, but still they had the perfect replacement in Hanjour. Hanjour and Moussaoui were having a hard time training, but Hanjour felt confident he can fly his plane. In 2001 Atta had announced that he, Al-Shehhi, Hanjour and Jarrah all learned to fly and were heading into the final phase, figuring out how to get control of planes. Atta started hanging out at airports and figured out that Tuesday mornings are the least-packed.  He realized that as long as you hide knives and boxcutters in sponges, the scanners will not detect them. Scanners will also not detect mace or pepper spray if it is in a purse at the bottom of the backpack. Bombs and guns would be detected, so fakes were recommended. He also realized that cross country flights have the most fuel, and going east to west would be perfect because when flying into the building, it would go the fastest possible considering the amount of fuel it will have. He then began taking testflights.He realized that all he needed was 4 other guys in the front of the plane with the hijackers-pilots is all they needed. These men were to be considered the “Muscle-Hijackers”. Atta realized that the best time to strike is about 15 minutes after takeoff. The final phase would be finished when the muscle hijackers were sent into the country, and finally it would be the attacks. Atta decided his target was to be World Trade Center 1. Al-Shehhi decided his target was to be World Trade Center 2. Hanjour after taking a while to decided went with a risk and was set on the Pentagon. Jarrah and Moussaoui were both told by Atta that the White House would be too hard and he didn’t recommend it. It is unknown what Jarrah chose in a decision between the Capitol Building, Camp David and the White House, but both Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi Yusef claim the target was the Capitol Building.Moussaoui though was having problems flying his plane, and if he could, then he was probably set on the White House or something. Khalid Mohammed starting finding muscle-hijackers. Abdulaziz Al-Omari, Walled M Al-Shehri, Wail M Al-Shehri and Satam Al-Suqami were decided to be Atta’s crew. In fact, Atta was living with Al-Omari for a while. Fayez Banihammad, Hamza Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi and Mohand Al-Shehri were to be Al-Shehhi’s crew. Hanjour’s crew had Khalid Al-Midhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi already set who were originally on U.S.A.’s watch list. Al-Midhar and Al-Hazmi were originally considered as replacements for Bin Al-Shibh, but because of their poor English skills and bossy attitudes it was cancelled. They were then set to be a part of Hanjour’s crew once he was decided to be the pilot. Al-Hazmi’s brother Salem joined them and so did Majed Moqed. All four began living together, Salem Al-Hazmi spoke no English. Ziad Jarrah’s crew included Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Haznawi and Ahmed Al-Nami. The fifth was considered to be either Ramzi Yusef or Mohammed Al-Qahtani. Both were unsuccesful to get a U.S. visa. Moussaoui was having troubles learning to fly and was set to be the fifth hijacker of the fourth plane if unsuccessful. Before he knew what he was going to do, he got arrested for illegal immigration (using a false visa). They found loads of Al-Qaeda papers and lethal weapons on him. Jarrah’s crew remained without a fifth hijacker. The intended “20th hijacker” to this day remains semi-unknown. Over the final month before the attacks, they began blowing their cover. However the U.S. being clueless caused it to go unknown. Atta and his crew were set to bored American 11 at 8:00 AM in Boston Logan International airport. Al-Shehhi and his crew were asigned the same airport on United 175 at 8:00 AM. Hanjour and his crew were set to board American 77 at 8:10 AM at Washington D.C. Dulles International. Jarrah and his crew were set for United 93 at 8:00 AM at Newark New Jersey International. The Hijackers then began splitting up around the East Coast, and were set to take planes on the 10th and very early 11th to get to the hotels necessary near the airports they are set to board their airplanes. The rest… is history.

(Next week I will be writing more about it, explaining what most likely happened on the doomed planes.)